“The Last Soul Company”

The Last Soul Company A 30 Year Retrospective

Blues Compilations,



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Disc # Track # Song Title  
34Together We Are Beautiful - Fern Kinney-  
35Sweet Life - Fern Kinney & Frederick Knight-  
11Looking For My Pig - Haran Griffin-  
12Warm Loving Man - Cozy Corley-  
13I Can't Go Wrong - Eddie Houst-  
14Sweetheart Baby - Jackie Dorsey-  
15You Can't Find Love - Betty & Charles-  
210Trouble Blues - McKinley Mitchell-  
211I Believe In You - Dorothy Moore-  
212You Don't Love Me No More - Willie Cobbs-  
213I Wanna Be Your C.B. - Joe Shamwell-  
214With Pen In Hand - Dorothy Moore-  
215The End Of The Rainbow - McKinley Mitchell-  
216Fallin' In Love With You - Noland Struck-  
16Red Cross Store - Fred McDowell-  
17Mississippi River - Paul Davis-  
18I Feel Better Now - Stefan Anderson-  
19Talkin' Bout Love - George Soule-  
110Funky Thing - The Unemployed-  
111Groove Me - King Floyd-  
112What Our Love Needs - King Floyd-  
113I Miss You - Bonnie & Sheila-  
114When A Man Cries - Joe Wilson-  
115Baby Let Me Kiss You - King Floyd-  
116Mr. Big Stuff - Jean Knight-  
117I Found All These Things - C.P. Love-  
118Mr. & Mrs. Untrue - Mighty Sam-  
119Gypsy Read Your Cards For Me - The Barons-  
120Gospel Train - The Golden Nuggets-  
121Woman Don't Go Astray - King Floyd-  
122Can't Be In Two Places At The Same Time - Chuck Brooks-  
123Superman - Richard Caiton-  
124Dog In The Night - Carson Whitsett-  
125Don't Let Go - Dorothy Moore-  
21We Can Love - King Floyd & Dorothy Moore-  
22Misty Blue - Dorothy Moore-  
23Travel On - Jackson Southernaires-  
24E Ni Mi Ni Mo - Elliott Small-  
25Somebody Touched - Eddie Floyd-  
26Funny How Time Slips Away - Dorothy Moore-  
27We Should Really Be In Love - Dorothy Moore & Eddie Floyd-  
28Dark Skin Woman - Billy Cee-  
29Flying Too High - Natural High-  
217I'm Gonna Hate Myself - The Fiestas-  
218Take This Job And Shove It - Ona Watson-  
219High Dancin' - Natural High-  
220Let Your Love Rain Down On Me - Jewell Bass-  
221Ring My Bell - Anita Ward -  
31Dance, Sing Along - Freedom-  
32Groove Me - Fern Kinney-  
33Get Up And Dance - Freedom-  
36Please Don't Make Me Do Something Bad To You - Z.Z. Hill-  
37Seeing You Again - Ruby Wilson-  
38Down Home Blues - Z.Z. Hill-  
39Cheatin' In The Next Room - Z.Z. Hill-  
310Groovin' - Power-  
311Don't Be Lonely - Sho Nuff-  
312Bad Risk - Latimore-  
313A Lady In The Street - Denise LaSalle-  
314Let's Share - G.C. Cameron-  
315Someone Else Is Steppin' In - Z.Z. Hill-  
316Get A Little, Give A Little - Z.Z. Hill-  
59Working Is The Curse Of The Drinking Classes - Big Mike Griffin-  
511Stay Close To Home - Dorothy Moore-  
512There's A Stranger In My House - Bobby Blue Bland-  
513Poonanny Be Still - Poonanny-  
514Please Don't Let Our Good Thing End - Dorothy Moore & Z.Z. Hill-  
61Here's Your Mop Mr. Johnson - Keri Leigh -  
62Don't Let The Devil - James Peterson -  
63Cold This Winter - Ernie Johnson -  
64You Ain't Woman Enough To Take My Man - Shirley Brown -  
65One Monkey Don't Stop No Show - Bobby Rush -  
66Good Love - Johnnie Taylor -  
67Your Man Is Home Tonight - Artie White -  
68Last Two Dollars - Johnnie Taylor -  
69Got My Whiskey - Mel Waiters -  
610I've Been Having An Affair - Tonya -  
611Let Me Please You - Tyrone Davis -  
612Who Is Betty? - Shirley Brown -  
613Don't Make Me Creep - Stan Mosley -  
614Tenderness - Kristine -  
615Two Lumps Of Sugar - Carl Sims -  
616Big Boned Woman - Little Milton -  
317Right Place, Right Time - Denise LaSalle & Latimore-  
318Shade Tree Mechanic - Z.Z. Hill-  
319Your Husband Is Cheating On Us - Denise LaSalle-  
41The Blues Is Alright - Little Milton-  
42Lady, My Whole World Is You - Johnnie Taylor-  
43This Is Your Night - Johnnie Taylor-  
44My Tu Tu - Denise LaSalle-  
45Part Time Lover - Formula V-  
46I Get Off On You - The Rose Brothers-  
47Members Only - Bobby Blue Bland-  
48Rock Me - Mosley & Johnson-  
49Wall To Wall - Johnnie Taylor-  
410Sunshine Lady - Latimore-  
411Anne Mae's Cafe - Little Milton-  
412Cheatin' Is A Risky Business - Little Milton-  
413Get Your Money Where You Spend Your Time - Bobby Blue Bland-  
414Room 244 - Little Milton-  
415Everything's Out In The Open - Johnnie Taylor-  
416All You'll Ever Need - Latimore-  
417I Found A Love - Johnne Taylor-  
51You Gotta Hurt Before You Heal - Bobby Blue Bland-  
52Ain't Nothin' Like the Lovin' We Got - Shirley Brown & Bobby Womack-  
53Still Crazy - Johnnie Taylor-  
54Midnight Run - Bobby Blue Bland-  
55Wet Match - Denise LaSalle-  
56Take Off Your Shoes - Bobby Blue Bland-  
57If You Give Me Your Heart - Dorothy Moore-  
58I Need A Good Woman Bad - Latimore-  
510I'll Always Love You - The Beat Daddy's-  

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