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Toll Free:  1-800-272-7936
Fax:  1-601-982-2944

Hours of Operation (All times CST)

Monday – Friday
8:00am to 8:00pm

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 9287
Jackson, MS 39286-9287

Physical Address:
3023 West Northside Drive
Jackson, MS 39213

Main Phone Number:
Main Fax Number:

For general questions, E-Mail Malaco by clicking the link below.

Malaco Mailbox malaco@malaco.com

Malaco Customer Service

Please E-Mail all song demos to: demo@malaco.com
To E-Mail someone at Malaco, click on a name below.

Thomas Couch Jr.

E-mail: tcouchjr@malaco.com
Tel: 601-982-4522 ext. 205
FAX: 601-982-4528

Thomas Couch Sr.

Board of Directors
E-mail: tcouchsr@malaco.com
Tel: 601-982-4522 ext. 204
FAX: 601-982-4528

Stewart Madison

Director of Business Affairs / Sr. Director Licensing
E-mail: smadison@malaco.com
Tel: 601-982-4522 ext. 203
FAX: 601-982-4528

Gerald “Wolf” Stephenson

Vice President
E-mail: wstephenson@malaco.com
Tel: 601-982-4522
FAX: 601-982-4528

Cherry Carter

Administrative Assistant
E-mail: ccarter@malaco.com
Tel: 601-982-4522 ext. 210
FAX: 601-982-4528

Rosetta Anderson

Director of Copyrights and Royalties
E-mail: randerson@malaco.com
Tel: 601-982-4522 ext. 113
FAX: 601-982-3320

Louise Black

Executive Director, Film & Television Licensing
Tel: 601-982-4522 ext. 206
E-mail: lblack@malaco.com
FAX: 601-982-4528

James D. Robinson, Jr.

Executive Director/GM
E-mail: jrobinson@malaco.com
Tel: 601-982-4522 ext. 117
FAX: 601-982-4528

Darrell Luster

Gospel A&R and Promotions
E-mail: dluster@malaco.com
Tel: 601-982-4522 ext. 215
FAX: 601-982-4528

Maalik Miles

Graphic Designer and Digital Marketing
E-mail: mmiles@malaco.com
Tel: 601-982-4522 ext. 109 / ext. 119
FAX: 601-982-3320

Paul Timblin

Production Manager
E-mail: ptimblin@malaco.com
Tel: 601-982-4522 ext. 111
FAX: 601-982-3320

Oscar Laws

R&B Promotions
Morning Show – Southern Soul Radio
Tel: 601-982-4522 ext. 101
FAX: 601-982-3320

Hanyi Ma

Personnel and Accounting
E-mail: hanyima@malaco.com
Tel: 601-982-4522 ext. 123
FAX: 601-982-3320

Matt Kivett

R&B, Gospel and Christian Sales
Tel: 601-982-4522
FAX: 601-982-4528

Kent Bruce

Engineering / Mastering
Tel: 601-982-4522
FAX: 601-982-4528

Maxie Henderson

Director – Mail Order Catalog
E-mail: mhenderson@malaco.com
Tel: 601-982-4522 ext. 100
FAX: 601-982-3320

For general questions, please email mhenderson@malaco.com

Malaco accepts credit cards only for online purchases.  If you would like to place an order with any other method, including credit cards, please contact our customer service department.  The customer service department accepts these forms of payment

–  Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover)
–  Money Orders
–  Checks

The address where you mail in your order or payment is:

Malaco Inc.
P.O. Box 9287
Jackson, MS 39286-9287

Please make all Money Orders and Checks payable to Malaco Inc.

Malaco does not accept personal checks in the amount over $100.00.

When placing an order either online or through Customer Service using a credit card, please make sure that you give the proper billing address of the credit card.  Any credit card information given incorrectly will result in the card being put on address verify which could delay your order.

If you need your order placed FedEx 2nd Day, please make sure that you do not give a ship-to address of a Post Office Box.  FedEx does not ship to a Post Office Box.

When placing an order online, please allow 1 business day for the order to be processed and packaged for delivery.  If an order is placed on a Friday, the order will not be packaged until Monday.

Returns / Refund Policy

If your purchase is defective or damaged, please call 1-800-272-7936 and speak to a customer service representative or mail your package to:

Malaco Inc.
Attn:  Malaco Returns
3023 West Northside Drive
Jackson, Mississippi 39213

We do not refund Postage and Handling on any orders.

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Customer Service
1 (800) 272-7936

Main Phone
1 (601) 982 - 4522

Main Fax
1 (601) 982 - 4528

3023 West Northside Drive
Jackson, MS 39213

P.O. Box 9287
Jackson, MS 39286 - 9287

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