“The Last Soul Company”
Midnight Street Racing

Midnight Street Racing



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Disc # Track # Song Title  
115I Said I Wasn�t Gonna Tell Nobody - Soloists: Bobby Jones & Al Hobbs -  
116Interview: Al Hobbs-  
117Don�t Let The Devil Ride - Soloist: Neal Roberson -  
118Interview: Pilgrim Jubilees-  
119Rich Man, Poor Man - Soloists: Clay Graham & Cleve Graham-  
23Joy - Soloist: Kirk Franklin-  
24Interview: Edwin Hawkins-  
25Oh Happy Day - Soloists: Edwin Hawkins & Evelyn Turrentine-Agee -  
26Interview: Dottie Peoples-  
27On Time God - Soloists: Dottie Peoples & Paul Porter-  
28Interview: Willie Rogers-  
29Medley (Wonderful, Hem of His Garment, & Jesus Be A Fence All Around Me) - Soloist: Willie Rogers-  
210Tribute to Rev. James Cleveland-  
211Interview: Charles Fold-  
213Interview: Charles Hayes-  
214Interview: Bishop Albert Jamison-  
215Lord, Help Me To Hold Out - # Soloists: Spencer Taylor & Doug Williams-  
216Interview: Roscoe Robinson-  
227Interview: Dorothy Norwood-  
228Victory Is Mine - Soloist: Dorothy Norwood-  
229I Need Thee - Soloist: Dorothy Norwood-  
230Shine On Me - Soloist: Dorothy Norwood -  
31We�ve Come This Far By Faith - Soloist: Rev. Milton Biggham-  
32Interview: Evelyn Turrentine-Agee-  
33God Did It - Soloists: Evelyn Turrentine-Agee & Carolyn Traylor-  
34Interview: Rev. Lawrence Roberts-  
35Peace Be Still - Soloists: Paul Porter & Carolyn Traylor -  
36Interview: Lee Williams-  
37Jesus Will Fix It - Soloist: Lee Williams -  
317Interview: Sensational Nightingales-  
318At The Meeting - Soloists: Joseph Wallace, Horace Thompson, & Darrell Luster-  
11What A Fellowship - Soloist: Rev. Milton Biggham-  
12Caravans Interview - Albertina Walker-  
13Lord, Keep Me Day By Day - Soloist: Albertina Walker -  
14Interview: Joe Ligon-  
15Heavy Load - Soloist: Joe Ligon-  
16Interview: Margaret Allison-  
17Touch Me Lord Jesus - Soloists: Margaret Allison & Theresa Richmond-  
18The Lord Is Blessing Me - Soloist: Rev. Milton Biggham-  
19Interview: Michael McKay-  
110The Redeemed Praise (If You Had Not Saved Me) - Soloists: V. Michael McKay & Melvin Williams -  
111Interview: Ira Tucker-  
112Who Are We? - Soloist: Ira Tucker -  
113Lord, Do It For Me Right Now - Soloist: Donald Malloy -  
114Interview: Bobby Jones-  
217Leave You In The Hands Of The Lord - Soloist: Roscoe Robinson-  
218Interview: Inez Andrews-  
219Mary Don�t You Weep - Soloist: Inez Andrews -  
220Fix It Jesus - Soloist: Harvey Watkins, Jr-  
221Interview: Howard �Slim� Hunt-  
222Amazing Grace - Soloist: Howard �Slim� Hunt -  
223Everything Will Be Alright - Soloist: Rev. Milton Biggham-  
224Interview: The Christianaires-  
225Interview: The Williams Brothers-  
226Living Testimony - Soloists: Doug Williams, Melvin Williams, & Joe Ligon -  
38Everything Will Be Alright - Soloist: Rev. Milton Biggham -  
39Interview: Sullivan Pugh-  
310Speak For Me - Soloist: Sullivan Pugh-  
311Interview: Spencer Taylor-  
312Oh How Wonderful - Soloist: Spencer Taylor-  
313Interview: Mosie Burks-  
314This Morning When I Rose - Soloist: Mosie Burks -  
315Interview: Luther Barnes-  
316So Satisfied - Soloist: Luther Barnes-  
212Touch Me - Soloists: Charles Fold & Bishop Albert Jamison-  
319I Really Love The Lord - Soloist: Rev. Milton Biggham-  
320Testimony: Kirk Franklin-  
321God Has Smiled On Me - Soloist: Dr. Bobby Jones-  
322Interview: Deloris Washington & The Caravans-  
323Sweeping Through The City - Soloist: Shirley Caesar-  
120Interview: Rev. F.C. Barnes-  
121Rough Side Of The Mountain - Soloists: Rev. F.C. Barnes & Lillian Lilly -  
122Interview: Shirley Caesar-  
123I Feel Like Praising Him - Soloist: Shirley Caesar -  
124Lord, I�m Coming Home - Soloist: Rev. Benjamin Cone, Jr.-  
21Praise Him - Soloist: Lillian Lilly-  
22Interview: Kirk Franklin-  

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