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Divas In The Delta – Live In Greenwood, Mississippi
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Divas In The Delta – Live In Greenwood, Mississippi



Disc # Track # Song Title  
13You Ain't Got To Hide Your Man - Shirley Brown-  
15Why You Want To Love Me Like That - Shirley Brown-  
11Respect - Shirley Brown-  
12Joy & Pain - Shirley Brown-  
14Time - Shirley Brown-  
16Don't Go Lookin' For My Man - Shirley Brown-  
17Woman To Woman - Shirley Brown-  
18Lady In The Streets - Denise LaSalle-  
19Someone Else Is Steppin' In - Denise LaSalle-  
110Down Home Blues - Denise LaSalle-  
111Trapped By A Thing Called Love - Denise LaSalle-  
112Paper Thin - Denise LaSalle-  
113If I Don't Holler - Denise LaSalle-  
114Goin' Through Changes - Denise LaSalle-  
115Drop That Zero - Denise LaSalle-  
116Give Me Yo Most Strongest Whiskey - Denise LaSalle-  
117The Blues Is Alright - Denise LaSalle-  
118Don't Mess With My Man - Denise LaSalle-  
119Juke Joint Woman - Denise LaSalle-  
120Blues Party Tonight - Denise LaSalle-  
121Why Am I Missin' You - Denise LaSalle-  
122My Tu Tu - Denise LaSalle-  

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