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Disc # Track # Song Title  
18Bless Your House - The Pilgrim Jubilees-  
21I Stood On The Banks Of The Jordan - Reverend James Cleveland-  
22Jesus Dropped The Charges - The O'Neal Twins-  
23Who's On The Lord's Side - Reverend Timothy Wright-  
24I'm Blessed - Reverend Clay Evans-  
25God Is - Reverend James Cleveland-  
26For God So Loved The World - Vanessa Bell Armstrong-  
27God Is Able To Carry You Through - Albertina Walker-  
28Remember Me - Shirley Caesar & The Caravans-  
29The Denied Mother - Dorothy Norwood-  
210No Greater Love - Minister Keith Pringle-  
11Near The Cross - The Mississippi Mass Choir-  
12In The Upper Room - Mahalia Jackson-  
13Jesus Is Mine - The Florida Mass Choir-  
14It's Hard To Stumble - The Jackson Southernaires-  
15Going Up Yonder - Walter Hawkins & The Love Alive Choir-  
16Getting The Spirit - Louise -  
17Tomorrow - The Winans-  
19He Was There All The Time - Reverend James Moore-  
110Prayer Will Fix It Everytime - Jeff Banks & The Revival Temple Choir-  
111Sweep Around - The Williams Brothers-  
112It's Me Again Lord - The Original Soul Stirrers-  
113If You Can't Help Me (At The Finish Line) - The Angelic Gospel Singers-  
114The Birds - Reverend Benjamin Cone-  
115Satan Is On The Loose - Willie Neal Johnson & The Gospel Keynotes-  
116Jesus Can Work It Out - Charles Hayes & The Cosmopolitan Community Choir-  
117This Too Will Pass - Charles Fold & Reverend James Cleveland-  
211Magnify Him - Myrna Summers-  
212Nicodemus - The Sensational Nightingales-  
213Look At The Blessings - Willie Banks & The Messengers-  
214So Much To Shout About - The Fantastic Violinaires-  
215Flowing - The Truthettes-  
216Come On In The Room - Georgia Mass Choir-  

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