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Malaco Music Group Partners With Popular YouTube Series

The Malaco Music Group is happy to welcome the creators of popular YouTube series, “Lil Ron Ron”, Ronald Bush and Brandon Reed under a new partnership titled B&R Animation LLC.

Lil Ron Ron Animated Series is a YouTube channel that creates short animated comedy sketches about real life scenarios and trending topics. It’s most commonly known for its hit series, “Lil Ron Ron”, an adult animated urban web series that follows a clever six-year-old boy who humorously aggravates his parents’ separation drama by innocently tattling on them. Every encounter inevitably spirals into confusion and hilarity, proving secrets aren’t safe around him.

“Lil Ron Ron” is most popular for catch phrases “Lil Ugly Dude” and “Yep, mmhhmm Cheese sticks real good.” Season five of the series is now available on the Lil Ron Ron Animated Series YouTube channel under the Malaco umbrella.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Ron and Brandon. We believe these young men have done a fantastic job in producing the web series, “Lil Ron Ron” and that this is yet another important milestone for Malaco,” said Tommy Couch Jr., President of Malaco Records.

This new partnership with Bush and Reed is unique to Malaco’s history of working with music artists and will open doors to the label branching into different entertainment platforms.

“It’s been an experience. I chose ‘Lil Ron Ron’ because I see a lot of potential and growth. It took a few weeks, but we made it happen and we’re all here”, said Maalik Miles, Marketing Director at The Malaco Music Group.

“This means the world to us. Our fans are the reason we are here and we appreciate all of our supporters”, said Mobile, Ala. native, Ronald Bush, who is creator and co-writer of the series and voice of Lil Ron Ron.

“To be doing this with a company that has the pedigree that Malaco has means a lot. Our followers may be too young to understand the impact Malaco has had on the entertainment industry, but we are so excited to be working with them and I believe it’s a match made in Heaven”, added Pryme Reed, a Mobile, Ala. native and co-writer of the series. Reed is also the voice of Rev. Lemme Hol A Dolla, a recurring character on “Lil Ron Ron.”

Lil Ron Ron now has his own Instagram account, @TheRealLilRonRon, so fans can keep up with the character through photos and snippets of the show. All episodes of the series can also be found on the Lil Ron Ron Animated Series YouTube channel.

“It’s amazing to work with people who love this show as much as we do. Just wait. You thought the other seasons were good, but season five is the best one yet. I can’t express it enough”, said Brandon Reed, “Lil Ron Ron” animator and South Bend, Ind. native.

Visit LilRonRon.com for character biographies, previous episodes, merchandise, funny downloadable memes and for more information on the series. Fans can find new episodes of “Lil Ron Ron” every Sunday at 6pm CST on Lil Ron Ron Animated Series YouTube channel.

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