“The Last Soul Company”

Byron Cage “Isolation” Credits

Great I Am

Clarence Singleton

Malaco World Music BMI/Music of PraiseBMI

I Can’t Give Up

Byron Cage

Malaco World Music BMI/Nory B Music

You Are

Clarence Singleton, Eric Davis and Damon Whitehurst

Malaco World Music BMI//Music of Praise BMI

Malaco Universe Music ASCAP/E Dav Music ASCAP/Damon Whitehurst ASCAP

Oh How Good It Is

Chris Byrd

Malaco World Music BMI/Mr. Que Music

It’s Yours

Clarence Singleton and Eric Davis

Malaco World Music BMI/Music of Praise BMI

Malaco Universe Music ASCAP/E Dav Music ASCAP

All Things

Byron Cage

Malaco World Music BMI/Nory B Music

You Are God

Richard Cory, Maurice Henderson and Marc Dickerson

Malaco World Music BMI/Richard Cory Johnson BMI/Maurice Henderson BMI

Malaco Universe Music ASCAP/Marc Dickerson ASCAP

Raising Up

Byron Cage

Malaco World Music BMI/Nory B Music

It’s Won

Byron Cage and Alex Hill

Malaco World Music BMI/Nory B Music BMI/Hillegacy Publishing BMI


Byron Cage

Malaco World Music BMI/Nory B Music

Great I Am, You Are, Oh How Good It Is, its Yours & You Are God

-Produced by Dontaniel Jamel Kimbrough for Keymeup Music

Engineering and Editing by Dontaniel Jamel Kimbrough and Kristin Black

Programing, drum loops, coloring, aux keys and organ Dontaniel Jamel Kimbrough.

Drums/Desmond Davis, Bass/Rob Woolridge, Piano/Marshon Lewis,

Electric Guitar/Jeremiah Sutton, Acoustic Guitar/Sam Mitchem , Strings/

Tyries Wolfe.

All Things, Isolation, Can’t Give Up, It’s Won & Raising Up

-Produced by Alex Hill for Hillegacy Productions

Co-production & add. Keys, “All Things” Brandon Jones.

Keys, Organ & Aux keys/Alex Hill. Bass/ Anthony “AJ” Brown.

Acoustic Guitar/Mark Strawbridge. “All Things”: Guitar/Thomas Laskey,

Drums/Elisha “Doogie” Parris. “Can’t Give Up”: Guitar/Kevin “Fly Guy” Byrd,

Drums/Terrell Johnson, Horns/Lloyd Barry. “It’s Won”: Guitar/Clay Benjamin,

Drums/Terrell Johnson, Horns/Lloyd Barry. “Raiding Up”: Guitar/Steve Gallatan,

Drums/Devin Way. Additional vocal production Dontaniel Jamel& Ron Poindexter. Editing,

Drum loops & additional coloring/Dontaniel Jamel Kimbrough (“Raising UP & All


Executive Producer Byron Cage & James D. Robinson Jr.

Produced by Dontaiel Jamel Kimbrough & Alex Hill

All songs mixed by Dontaniel Jamel Kimbrough

Mastered by Kent Bruce for Malaco Music Group

Photography by JoVenTosh for “a brand nu u”

Cover design & layout Maalik Miles for Malaco Music Group

Choir Vocals mixed by Brian Lofton

Choir Vocals/Charles Butler & Trinity

BVG’s/ Ron Poindexter, Torri Rogers, Kansas Stevens, Jenifer Jones, Mashonda Husky, Candis Nicole, Chris Michael, Brianna Thompson

Thank You’s

The year was 1995. After doing background for so many in the industry, as well as writing songs for various artist, I would be afforded the wonderful privilege of recording my first solo CD project. The excitement and the roller coaster emotional feeling one gets to enter into an industry with GOSPEL ROYALTY and LEGENDS was unlike anything other feeling. Knowing that you are walking in your purpose and destiny is a humbling feeling. That’s why I am so elated today. It started with Air Gospel. The CD was Dwell among us, followed up with the CD Transparent in Your Presence. It would be 7 years before I recorded my break out CD. Which also would now allow me to record 5 more live chart topping projects. This experience was life changing for me. It seemed as if every church around the world were singing worship songs that I recorded. But then something happened. I would go into a place of seeking God and finding out just how my faith that I sang about would have to come to a place of action. With digital downloads and streaming services, my knowledge of a once viable (cd sales) industry was challenged because I wasn’t completely familiar with the new musical narrative. But I was familiar with Gods promises of being faithful in a few things. I knew that if He did it before than my confidence had to be in what I believe and not necessarily in what I saw. Here I am today. The last CD I released was in 2012. Here I am again, 7 years later and ISOLATION. A CD I pray encourages you and uplifts our Savior. I want to first thank the Almighty God for being sovereign. You sit High and you see us existing in an ever changing world, but you don’t change. James Robinson for believing that the older artist still had something to say, and for bringing me to Tommy Couch Jr. and the Malaco family. Thanks to Darrel Luster and the rest of the wonderful team for your stellar work that you’ve done for this project. To the INCREDIBLE Producers on this new project. D. Jamel Kimbrough and Alex Hill. You brothers worked so hard to hear my heart and captured what I believe will be life changing music for all who will here. Jamel, thank you for your sensitivity and honesty in the studio. You’re a massive musical genius. Alex, thanks for your masterful production and jaw dropping arrangements. I’m glad you both are a part of this project. To Rudy Currance for sharing your amazing vocal skills on Its Raising Up. To Sheri Jones Moffet. You have always been one of my favorites. The way you’re singing on this It’s Won, I believe will make ever race victorious. To every musician, background singer, technician and administrator, thank you so much. A special thanks to every church around the world that I’ve had the wonderful privilege of serving through musical worship experiences. A special shout out to Rev. Dr’s Grainger and Dr. Jo Ann Browning and the Ebenezer AME Church Family, Pastor Jesse Curney III and the New Mercies Christian Church Family and Dr. Jamal Bryant and the New Birth Baptist Church Family, and Dr. Lance Watson and the St. Paul Baptist Church Family. I had the wonderful honor of heading these music departments for 30 years. Thank you all. To Chris Byrd for writing, Oh How Good It is…. My Lord, what a song. To Dr. Ian Edwards, Pastor David Venable, Pastor Lemar Staples. You 3 have been a spiritual and natural brotherhood bond that has been a continued source of accountability and spirituality. To my brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi, thanks for your continued brotherhood and support. To all the writers, I am glad to be sharing your music with the world. Every Praise leader, praise team member, choir master, choir member and musician, thanks for continuing to teach my music. To every radio announcer, program director and industry professional, I hope this music will keep you encouraged, and give you the launching pad to minister to your listeners. Finally, to my mom who I love beyond words. You’re are a true inspiration and a loving giant. To my siblings, Ivan, Lynne (my secret boss) and Jamil. My hearts, DJ, Daniele and Courtney, I am so proud of all of you. To all of those who love me, I love you infinity. May God take us on an incredible journey, “again”.

GB Byron

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