“The Last Soul Company”

Rev. C.L. Franklin

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Essential Albums

  • Paul’s Meditation On ImmortalityBuy from: malaco
  • The Rich Man & The Beggar – There Is Danger In A CrowdBuy from: malaco
  • The Story Of Job – Study To Show ThyselfBuy from: malaco
  • The Meaning Of Black PowerBuy from: malaco
  • Come Unto Me Lazarus – Paul’s Hymn Of LoveBuy from: malaco
  • Following Jesus – The Inner ConflictBuy from: malaco
  • Nehemiah & The Great Work – Did Not Our Hearts Burn?Buy from: malaco
  • A Wild Man Meets Jesus – The Rich Young RulerBuy from: malaco
  • Jesus Met The Woman At The Well – Hosea & Gomer The ProstituteBuy from: malaco
  • Pressing OnBuy from: malaco
  • The Eternity Of The Church – A Bigot Meets JesusBuy from: malaco
  • I Heard It Through The Grapevine – Man On The MoonBuy from: malaco
  • The King Lord Of Host – King Of The JewsBuy from: malaco
  • The Ideal Mother – The Eagle Stirreth Her NestBuy from: malaco     itunes     google play
  • The Preacher That Got Drunk – Moses At The Red SeaBuy from: malaco
  • The Eagle Stirreth Her Nest 2Buy from: malaco
  • Fishermen, Drop Your Nets – Counting The CostsBuy from: malaco
  • All Good Things Work Together For The Good – What Must I Do To Be SavedBuy from: malaco
  • Why Are You Afraid? – What Think Ye Of Jesus?Buy from: malaco
  • Fret Not Thyself – This Is My Beloved SonBuy from: malaco
  • Two Fish & Five Loaves of BreadBuy from: malaco     itunes     google play
  • The Legendary FranklinsBuy from: malaco     itunes     google play     amazon

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  • Moses Sends Three Spies – Silver And Gold Have I NoneBuy from: malaco
  • Satan Goes To A Prayer Meeting – The Lords PrayerBuy from: malaco
  • My Kingdom Is Not Of This World – John’s Vision Of A New HeavenBuy from: malaco
  • Lo, I Am With You Always -Ye Must Be Born AgainBuy from: malaco
  • The Foolish And Wise Builder – Why Have The Mighty FallenBuy from: malaco
  • Dry Bones In The Valley – Golden CalfBuy from: malaco
  • For The Love Of GodBuy from: malaco
  • A Faith To See Us Through The Storm – Let Your Hair DownBuy from: malaco
  • Ye Are The Salt Of The Earth – The Fiery FurnaceBuy from: malaco
  • Give Me This Mountain – Greatest Love StoryBuy from: malaco
  • Jacob Wrestling The Angel – The Barren Fig TreeBuy from: malaco

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