“The Last Soul Company”

Christina Bell “For His Glory” Credits

Glory of The Lord

(Keisha McFarland, Dontaniel Jamel Kimbrough)

Auntie Keisha’s Songz (ASCAP), Keyemupmusic (ASCAP c/o Missing Link Music), Malaco Universe Music (ASCAP)

Bow Down

(Claude L. Harris, Jr.)

DemonSlayin Music (BMI), Malaco World Music (BMI)

That Place

(Leamond Sloan)

C Polo Publishing (SESAC), Malaco Songs (SESAC)

Hymn Medley

(Public Domain)

Bless Your Name

(Aaron Sledge, Ayaamii Sledge)

Food 4 yo soul (ASCAP), Ayaamii Sledge (ASCAP), Malaco Universe Music (ASCAP)

Holy One

(Christina Bell, Michael Dixon)

Tonte Tunes Publishing (ASCAP), Malaco Universe Music (ASCAP)

My Favorite Gift ft. Tim Bowman Jr.

(Shamarr Blake, Jordan Welch, Isaiah Templeton)

Music and Things Publishing (BMI), JordiG Music Publishing (BMI), Isaiah Templeton (BMI), Malaco World Music (BMI)


(Shamarr Blake, Isaiah Templeton)

Music and Things Publishing (BMI), VocalBells Music (BMI), Malaco World Music (BMI)

You Are Lord

(Devante Arbet, Cadaro Brown)

Music by TGG Projects (BMI), Oradac Music (ASCAP), Malaco World Music (BMI), Malaco Universe Music (ASCAP)

(Dante Bowe)

Fresh Wine Publishing (BMI), Malaco World Music (BMI)

Thank You feat. C. Ashley Brown – Lawrence

(Cedric Rives)

Cedric Shannon Rives Music (BMI), Malaco World Music (BMI)

Produced by Dontaniel Jamel Kimbrough for KeyemupMusic

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Tommy Couch Jr. & James Robinson | Cadaro Brown, Devante Arbet & Christina Bell for Naff Harlow Entertainment, LLC

Recorded Live At: Gateway Church – Shreveport, LA

All Songs Produced By: Dontaniel Jamel Kimbrough for KeyemupMusic

Live and Post Recording Engineer – Dontaniel Jamel Kimbrough – KeyemupMusic


Drums – Javario Smith

Bass – Rob Woolridge

Keys/Programming/MD – Dontaniel Jamel Kimbrough

Guitar – Jeremiah Sutton

Organ – Ahmad Smith

Strings – Tyries Wolfe for “Going, My Favorite Gift, You Are Lord, We Win”

Vocal Director: Royce Mosely

Live Vocals:

Jay Williamson

Norman Roberts

Elise Gardner

Rosiland Young

Cloteal Morris

Janae Queen

Kenya Robinson

Kynidra Moore

Volanda Mack

Vocal Overdubs:

Carya Holmes

Grandy Wilson

Vernard Burton

Torri Rogers

Kansas Stephens

Natasha Green

Mixed By: Dontaniel Jamel Kimbrough

Mastered By: Dontaniel Jamel Kimbrough & Kent Bruce

Wardrobe Stylist: J. Bolin

Photographer: Gary Alldridge

Hair: Chanelle Brooks

Makeup Artist: Bridgette Ladawn

Graphic Design: Maalik Miles

Booking & Management:

Naff Harlow Entertainment, LLC E: Management@NaffHarlow.com

Tim Bowman Jr. appears courtesy of Lifestyle Music Group

Thank Yous

I must start off by thanking Abba, my Heavenly Father. My dear Lord words cannot

express how appreciative I am to you for trusting me with the gifts that you’ve placed in me. I’m so grateful for how you’ve made ways for me on this journey. You are so good to me! Thank you for every open door, as well as the doors that you’ve allowed to be closed. I now realize it was all for my good but most importantly it was for “For His Glory”.

My dad and mommy Henry and Donna Moore who are my heroes! You’ve both been there to lift me in every way possible. I love you and always thankful that God blessed me with you both. My favorite daughter Sanaya Nard, I’m so blessed to be your mother. I am so very proud of the young and vibrant girl you are. We have been teaching each other on this journey called life. Thank you for being so very strong and understanding of when mommy has to go out on the road. I know it’s not easy always for either of us but it’s for a bigger purpose than both of us. I love you so much, Nu!

My brother and sisters Grayson, Chastity and Crystal, you’ve each empowered me with your conversations, your love and your prayers. I love you all with my entire heart. My uncles, aunts and aunties, I thank you all so much for encouraging me to keep pressing. You all are such strong forces in my life. From helping to raise me, to showing me Jesus on my journey. Shoutout to my bff’s Cotton and Nata. Since middle school you both have been rocking with me. We have laughed together, cried together, taken some serious life blows and God has kept us through it all. Thank you to all of my friends and supporters. This honestly wouldn’t be possible without you all.

A special thank you to both my managers Devante Arbet and Cadaro Brown (Buntay and Bern). We are stuck together at the hip, arm, and head. You have both been teachers, brothers and friends to me. You guys work super hard to help make the vision a reality. Your work ethic is bar-none.

My producer, Dontaniel Jamel Kimbrough thank you for proving your belief in me in a very BIG way. Thanks for helping my team jump start my solo career. I’m forever grateful for you!

Thank you to each and every writer on this project. Thank you for allowing me to sing your songs on my very first live recording.

To my uncles Fred Hammond, Donnie McClurkin, John P. Kee, Donald Lawrence, and Larry Blackwell, my brothers Myron Butler, Javen Campbell, JJ Hairston, Aaron Sledge, Justin Joseph, Vaughn Phoenix, and Darrel Walls, my beautiful sisters Jekalyn Carr, Kierra Sheard, Raven Goodwin, Angela Birchett, and Shelea Frazier. Thank you all for your genuine love, prayers, mentoring, real support, listening ears, and friendship. Special thanks to the legendary Twinkie Clark and The Clark Sisters, I love you. Tim Bowman Jr., C. Ashley Brown-Lawrence, and Jessica Reedy I love you all for coming through for me. Ms. Joyce Coleman, the first person to book me on BET as a solo artist. George Potts Young, for my first booking at Essence Fest.

Thank you to Malaco Records. Tommy Couch Jr and James Robinson, I appreciate you

for giving me an opportunity and believing in my ministry. Thank you, Darrell Luster, for your support.

Thank you to my attorney Garrett Johnson for your legal expertise and advice.

To my radio promoter, Eboni Funderburk and every radio station that plays my music to your listening audience, I truly appreciate you.

Last but not least I’d like to thank every minister of the gospel that’s prayed for me and encouraged me. Thank you to every Pastor and promoter that’s sowed into my life and allowed me to share in ministry at your churches and concerts.

To those I forgot, please charge it to my head and not my heart. I love and appreciate all of you so very much.

This album is dedicated to my grandparents: Lessie & Betty Hendricks, who helped teach and nurture me. Though you’re no longer here with me, your teachings resonate with me to this day.

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