For all music licensing requests, please contact

Stewart Madison
Director of Business Affairs
Malaco Records
Phone:  601-982-4522 x202
Fax:  601-982-4528

Music Publishing Companies

Alladrain Music ASCAP
Annie Gee Music, BMI
Arisav Music SESAC
Chatawa Music ASCAP
Delta Boy Music BMI
Formula Music ASCAP
Good Old Delta Boy Music SESAC
Jonan Music ASCAP
Kosciusko Music SESAC
Malaco Music BMI
Songs of Delta Boy Music ASCAP
Savgos Music BMI

Administered Catalogs

Bess Music BMI
Brandwood Music BMI
Hoosier Music ASCAP
Knight After Knight BMI
Leahrae Music BMI
Malasongs Music BMI
More of the Same Music BMI
Most Urgent Music BMI
Music and More Music SESAC
Muscle Shoals Publishing BMI
New Albany Music BMI
Poncho Case Music ASCAP
Rogan Publications BMI
S.O.H. Music ASCAP
Songs of Grand Coalition BMI
Southern Grand Alliance ASCAP
Two Knight Music BMI

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