Press Release: Maurette Brown-Clark Celebrates CD Release With Two Free Concerts


March 15, 2007



Jackson, MS. March 15, 2007- To celebrate the release of Maurette Brown Clark’s long-awaited album The Dream, Brown-Clark will be holding a pre-release CD party on Sunday, March 18 at 5:00 p.m. at the Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church, 610 Rhode Island Avenue, N.W. in Washington, D.C., and a release party on the CD’s release date, Tuesday, March 20 at 7:30 p.m. at the Bethel AME Church, 1300 Druid Hill Avenue. Both concerts are free. Guest artists for each event include Anthony Brown, Answered Prayer, and Overfloe* (*Overfloe will only perform at the pre-release concert in Washington).

“Maurette Brown-Clark is a Stellar Award winning gospel artist known as the ‘Princess of Praise and Worship’ for good reason,” states D.A. Johnson, Malaco Music Group’s Director of Gospel Music. “The Dream is an exciting release produced by top-notch industry icon Asaph Ward (Kim Burrell, Dorinda Clark-Cole, Evelyn Turrentine Agee, Men of Standard) and boasting some of the best writers in gospel (Richard Smallwood, Donnie McClurkin, Jonathan Nelson) as well as new writer Darien Dennis who penned her first single from the project, “One God.” If the enthusiasm building in radio is a sign of things to come, I look forward to this record becoming a hit for Brown-Clark and a best-seller for AIR/Malaco.”

The Dream is a live recording performed to a packed house of more than 2,000. A 13 song powerful CD, this project features four songs written by Brown-Clark, the Richard Smallwood penned praise and worship song, “Lord We Praise Your Name” and a re-make of the Donnie McClurkin & New York Restoration Choir classic, “We Worship You.”  Other hit writers on the project include Stellar Award winner Jonathan Nelson (“Healed” by Donald Lawrence and “The Struggle Is Over,” Youth for Christ), Anthony Brown and Eddie Brown. “One God,” the first single to release on the project is hoped to cross cultural and denominational divides to unite Christians under one God in their faith, becoming a Christian standard; an anthem to be sung for many years to come.

Of the recording Brown-Clark says, “I wrote some of the songs and then I went out to other artists and songwriters that I knew, loved, and that wrote my heart.  They wrote as if they were up in my house living with me...hanging out with me.  And so I feel like I literally wrote all of the songs.” 

Brown-Clark’s six-year-old daughter, Jada, also appears on the CD as guest artist for the song, “I Am What God Says I Am.”

For more information regarding these events, contact BAI Management by calling 908-238-3733 or visit


Press Release: Sensational Nightingales Make First National Television Appearance in 65 Years


March 14, 2007


Jackson, MS. March 14, 2007-Nicknamed ‘The Gales’ and known also as gospel music’s ‘Gentlemen of Song,’ The Sensational Nightingales are a legendary cornerstone of American gospel quartet music. Well known for monster hits: “It’s Gonna Rain,” “I Want To Be At The Meeting,” “Hold On A Little While Longer,” and “I Surrender All,” they are slated to make their first major network television appearance on Sunday, March 18, 2007 at 2:00 p.m. (EST) with gospel artists Tye Tribbet and Coko on The Gospel of Music with Jeff Majors. They will be performing “I’m Taking Back Everything The Devil Stole From Me” and “I’m Blessed.” The program airs on the TV One Network, Direct TV, channel 241 and on cable.

“The Sensational Nightingales were the first gospel quartet inducted into the American Gospel Quartet Hall of Fame in 1988,” states D.A. Johnson, Executive Director of the Gospel Division of Malaco Music Group. “They are one of the main cornerstones of gospel music, and earned a Grammy nomination for their 2003 release Songs To Edify (Featuring the hit single, "I’m Blessed"). They travel throughout the world yearly--across Europe and to Africa—and continue to perform live concerts throughout the United States. As part of our Yes! Quartet Campaign and upcoming tour, they are one of Malaco’s most revered legends and we are excited to see them continue to make such important contributions to this genre of gospel music.”

The Sensational Nightingales were formed in 1942 by departed Dixie Hummingbird member Barney Parks. In 1946, Joseph ‘Jo Jo’ Wallace joined the group, to become the heart of the group and its first lifetime member. After World War II, the group toured the South and enjoying much success. They signed with the Peacock label to release their first commercial recordings. In 1957, they appeared on the Gospel Train Tour with The Clara Ward Singers and other top-notch gospel artists.

By 1979, they had long since become a fixture in the gospel music scene and were well respected for their tight harmonies and vocal prowess. The group caught the attention of quartet label Malaco Records, who eagerly snatched them up. ‘The ‘Gales’ continued interviewing and performing across the United States and eventually won the honor of touring as the Ambassadors of Goodwill for the Arts American Program of the United States Information Agency in 1985.

These ‘Gentlemen of Song’ with golden voices have recorded more than thirty albums/CDs in their sixty-five year career, nineteen with Malaco Records. They have also enjoyed three hit records (I Surrender All, Freedom After Awhile, Message From the Book) all with Malaco.


The Yes!Quartet campaign features new singles from legendary and newcomer gospel quartet groups and salutes their contributions to the genre of gospel music. The Yes!Quartet compilation CD hits retail stores on March 20, 2007. The Sensational Nightingales’ singles on the Yes! Quartet compilation include: “I’m Taking Back Everything The Devil Stole From Me” and “Every Promise In This Book Is Mine.”

Malaco Headlines: Caravans Shoot to #12; New Releases & Malaco Gold, Timothy Wright

Malaco Headlines
Volume IV, Issue 58
March 9, 2007



Pick up your copy, today!

New Releases
April 3, 2007

Spencer Taylor and the Highway QCs
It Hasn't Always Been Easy

The Pilgrim Jubilees
Jesus Got Me Off

Wedding Songs


Rev. Timothy Wright

Reverend Timothy Wright, a well-respected Gospel producer, arranger, performer, and song-writer, is back again with another hit (Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Koch). Though his current release is not with Malaco, his deep roots in gospel music are. In the eighties, Wright enjoyed six charting records, including three top twenty hits on Atlanta International Records (Testify, Live in Washington, D.C., Jesus Will), and a top ten hit on Savoy (Who’s on the Lord’s Side). During the nineties, he charted again four times, enjoying two hits on Savoy Records; "I’m Glad About It" (#4), and "Come Thou Almighty King" (#10). Wright followed these hits with nine more releases, seven of which were released on labels in the Malaco Music Group family (Savoy, Malaco, AIR).

Wright began playing piano at the age of twelve and has been an integral part of the gospel music scene for most of his life. He has performed with and/or directed many choirs including The Georgia Mass Choir, Bishop F.D. Washington’s choir, Rev. Isaac Douglas and the N.Y. Community Choir, and others.

Performing with such music industry notables as Myrna Summers  for the #3 hit, "We’re Gonna Make It," (1990, Savoy), Meatloaf (Very Best of Meatloaf, 1998) and Carly Simon (Coming Around Again, 1987), Wright continues to make a positive impact in gospel music.

Wright’s accomplishments and credits also include forming the 500-voice choir for the project, Come Thou Almighty King as well as founding and pastoring the Grace Tabernacle Christian Center in Brooklyn, NY.


BILLBOARD Nielsen SoundScan March 17, 2007

TW Artist Title Label Weeks Peak
12 The Caravans Paved The Way Malaco 25 7
48 Melvin Williams Crazy Like Love Blackberry 4 17

TW Artist Title Label Weeks Rank
10 The Caravans "Remember Me" Malaco 26 10
24 Neal Roberson "It’s On The Way" Blackberry 2 30

TW Artist Title Label Weeks Rank
10 The Caravans "Remember Me" Malaco 26 9
24 Neal Roberson "It’s One The Way" Blackberry 2 21

MUSIC MONITOR: March 4, 2007 Biggest Mover!     
8 The Caravans "Remember Me" Malaco 25 8

MUSIC MONITOR: Independent Gospel Singles     
4 The Caravans "Remember Me" Malaco 25 3

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Malaco Headlines: The Legendary Howard Hunt: Sharecropper to Showstopper

Volume IV, Issue 57

March 1, 2007

The Legendary Howard Hunt:
Sharecropper to Showstopper
Slim & The Supreme Angels

     It is only with the tenacity, courage, and talent of our legends that gospel music has grown and flourished over the last three decades. Howard Hunt, aka ‘Slim’ of Slim and the Supreme Angels is one such legend. From his early days as a youngster in a family of sharecroppers, Hunt learned about hard work. As planes flew overhead while he worked the fields at age nine, he dared to dream of something greater for himself.
     Itching to discover the world, Hunt left home at seventeen and sang his way north through a variety of odd jobs and colorful towns. In 1953, Hunt landed in Milwaukee and after a brief stint as a plumber’s helper, found himself answering an ad for a baritone singer with a group and never  looked back. By 1956, he picked up a guitar and joined the group The Soul Seekers, depending on his income from work in a candy factory to get by.
     The Supreme Angels, a popular group in Milwaukee and surrounding areas, lost their guitar player in 1958 and asked Hunt to stand in for a gig. This was the start of  his long-standing career with the group, one that eventually went on to record many records and enjoy critical acclaim for honey vocals and tight-knit harmonies.
     During the height of the civil rights movement, The Supreme Angels sacrificed sleep and good pay as they traveled across the country  without the luxury of nice hotels and fancy restaurants,  to play low-playing gigs. Church members generously took them in when they were out on the road, but money was always tight and eventually Hunt was the sole remaining member of the group. The success of their single, “Lord Bring Me Down,” had encouraged promoters to book the group so Hunt kept all the dates, though there was no group backing him.
     Hunt, not interested in giving up, continued to sing (mostly solo) throughout the sixties and in 1969, he put together the show-stopping group Slim & The Supreme Angels. We are grateful he did.

Gold Record: Shame On You, 1974
Grammy Award Nominee
Stellar Award Winner
Founder: Deliverance Temple, Dillon, S.C. (1986)
Outstanding Citizenship Award, Dillon, S.C.

(named by Mayor Hal Plonk and Mayor Al King)
Dedicated to service, popular speaker

March 6, 2007
for these
new quartet
Slim & The Supreme Angels,
The Judgement 

Yes! Quartet
Malaco Records

Chart History
1989 Death & the Beautiful Lady Top Gospel Albums 14
1995 Stay Under the Blood  Top Gospel Albums 16
1996 Nobody But You  Top Gospel Albums 36

Slim & The Supreme Angels Discography
Death and the Beautiful Lady Melendo
Serious Business   Melendo
I’ll Rise    Meltone
Glory to His Name  Nashboro
Tribute    Melendo
Stay Under the Blood  Intersound
Nobody But You (live)  Intersound
Make A Change   Black Label
Live! In Jackson, MS  Melendo
Shame On You   Nashboro
Blind Man   MCG
Over Yonder   MCG
By and By   Gospel J
Have You Heard the News  MCG
The Judgement   Malaco

BILLBOARD Nielsen SoundScan March 10, 2007
TW Artist Title Label Weeks Peak
26 The Caravans Paved The Way Malaco 25 7
40 Melvin Williams Crazy Like Love Blackberry 3 32

Billboard Radio Monitor  HOT GOSPEL SONGS  
TW Artist Title Label Weeks Rank
11 The Caravans "Remember Me" Malaco 25 11
30 Neal Roberson "It’s On The Way" Blackberry 1 30

Radio and Records     
TW Artist Title Label Weeks Rank
11 The Caravans "Remember Me" Malaco 25 12
Most Added/Most Increased Audience
30 Neal Roberson "It’s On The Way" Blackberry 1 23

Music Monitor Independent Gospel Singles
Biggest Mover

The Caravans "Remember Me" Malaco 24 3

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Funeral Arrangements: Slim & The Supreme Angels




'SLIM' of Slim & The Supreme Angels

Wake / Viewing

Thursday, March 1, 2007 2p – 7p
Love Temple United Holy Church Headquarters
201 N. Oak Forest Rd.
Goldsboro, NC


Friday, March 2, 2007 11a
Greater NC Jurisdictional Headquarters
1609 Wendell Rd
Wendell, NC

Funeral arrangements are being handled by the McIntyre Funeral Home c/ Rev. McIntyre
900 S. George St, Goldsboro, NC 27530, phone: (919) 731-7174. Please send cards and flowers to the funeral home. Faxed condolences should be sent to: (919) 731-4338.

To order flowers from the florist on-site, call: (919) 731-7646  and ask for Tina or Justin.

Click the links below to view the Official Obituary from the Homegoing Service For Rev. Howard "Slim" Hunt.

Obituary Page 1
Obituary Page 2
Obituary Page 3
Obituary Page 4
Obituary Page 5
Obituary Page 6
Obituary Page 7


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