Malaco Headlines: Maurette Debuts in Top 40/Malaco Gold LaShun Pace & Anointed Pace Sisters

Volume IV, Issue 61 March 30, 2007

Malaco ◊ Legendary Gospel Music



The Dream


Billboard Nielsen SoundScan April 7, 2007

TW Artist Title Label Weeks Peak

36 Maurette Brown-Clark The Dream Malaco 1 36

47 The Caravans Paved The Way Malaco 29 7

Billboard Radio Monitor HOT GOSPEL SONGS

TW Artist Title Label Weeks Peak

12 The Caravans "Remember Me" Malaco 29 10

28 Neal Roberson "It’s On The Way" Blackberry 5 22

Radio & Records

TW Artist Title Label Weeks Rank

12 The Caravans "Remember Me" Malaco 29 10

28 Neal Roberson "It’s On The Way" Blackberry 5 24

Music Monitor Independent Gospel Singles

4 The Caravans "Remember Me" Malaco 27 3


LaShun Pace & The Anointed Pace Sisters

Once the reigning diva of Savoy Records, she made her first musical mark in 1988, when she recorded in the House of the Lord with Dr. Jonathan Greer & The Cathedral of Faith Choir. La Shun's obvious talents were enormous and Savoy signed her to a solo recording contract. Gospel's noted artist, Rev. Clay Evans once told La Shun that she would eventually pick up and carry the torch left by the mother of gospel music, Mahalia Jackson.

Following in those footsteps, La Shun has become one of gospels most popular and sought after recording artists. La Shun's debut solo album with Savoy, He Lives, in 1990, earned her national acclaim. The album packed one of gospel's top a cappella hits, "I Know I've Been Changed." It remained in the Top 20 of Billboard magazine's Gospel Albums Chart for well over a year, peaking at the Number 2 spot. Her second album with Savoy Shekinah Glory, in 1993, reunited her with The Cathedral of Faith Choir. The album yielded such hits as “My Times” and “In Everything Give Thanks.” Her next album A Wealthy Place quickly rose to Billboard's Top 15 on the Gospel Albums Chart while also topping nearly every gospel chart in the nation at one time or another.

Pace also appeared in the hit movie Leap of Faith starring comedian Steve Martin. She has been involved in such theatrical productions at The Living Cross and the nationally acclaimed A Fool and His Money. She has performed at such major events as the McDonald's Chicago Gospelfest, The Atlanta Black Expo, and The Gospel Music Workshop of America. Her talents have also graced such prestigious venues as Washington D.C.'s, Kennedy Center and New York's, Paramount Theater.

1990 He Lives (Savoy) #2

1993 Shekinah Glory (Savoy) #5

1996 Wealthy Place (Savoy) #15

1998 Just Because God Said It (Savoy) #16

2001 God Is Faithful (Savoy) #32

The Anointed Pace Sisters come from a family of talented singers, musicians, and preachers. The group began singing together in local high school talent shows and continued to mesmerize audiences throughout their travels.

In the early '70s, they won the Best Gospel Group award at the Annual Church of God in Christ Music Convention also known as the UNAC, under the direction of Dr. Mattie Moss Clark. After achieving such headlines, the group went on to become a part of the Action Revival Team headed by the Rev. Gene Martin in the mid to late '70s.

In 1982, these nine, lively, fun-filled sisters reached national recognition with their debut album on Savoy Records entitled U-Know, which rose to the top ten, and stayed on the Billboard Charts for over a year. Due to the phenomenal success of the album, The Anointed Pace Sisters have become one of gospels hottest female vocal groups in the world. The most outstanding blessing the group has is their ability to blend their individual writing and musical abilities together to create spiritually enriched songs that minister to the masses. They have created a unique balance, which delivers a special harmony of traditional and contemporary gospel music.

1992 U-Know (Savoy) #2

1995 My Purpose (Savoy) #17

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Malaco Headlines: Caravans #10/Slim & the Supreme Angels Update/Maurette Brown-Clark Update

Volume IV, Issue 60 March 23, 2007

Malaco ◊ Legendary Gospel Music



 With the long-anticipated release of Maurette Brown-Clark’s new project, The Dream, (AIR Gospel), fans arrived in droves to hear the ‘princess of praise and worship’ sing and autograph their new copy of the CD. Both venues (Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, MD) were very excited about the response!

Slim & The Supreme Angels

News link:

Recent news and events:

• In concert last week with legendary quartet The Christianaires in Florence, South Carolina!

April 7: Concert in Lois, South Carolina

• Performed on 2007 Stellar Award winning Soul Link Live 3: Man in the Mirror (The Williams Brothers & Their Superstar Friends, Blackberry Records)

• In the works: European Tour, Quartet Tour (watch for details)

• Quote for the day: “I’m letting the Lord lead me to where I need to be to do His work, staying focused on Him so that I will go in the right direction.”

Slim Jr. (Quincy King), Slim & the Supreme Angels


Luther Barnes & The Red Budd Gospel Choir

You Keep On Blessing Me (AIR/Malaco)

True Believers

In This Place (Malaco)

Nielsen SoundScan March 31, 2007


TW Artist Title Label Weeks Peak

48 The Caravans Paved The Way Malaco 28 7


TW Artist Title Label Weeks Rank10

10 The Caravans "Remember Me" Malaco 28 9

22 Neal Roberson "It’s On The Way" Blackberry 4 22


TW Artist Title Label Weeks Rank

10 The Caravans "Remember Me" Malaco 28 9

22 Neal Roberson "It’s On The Way" Blackberry 4 21


8 The Caravans "Remember Me" Malaco 27 8


4 The Caravans "Remember Me" Malaco 27 3

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Press Release: Supreme Angels Commissioned To Continue


March 22, 2007


Jackson, MS. March 21, 2007-The passing of lead singer Slim (Rev. Howard Hunt) from the legendary, award-winning group Slim and the Supreme Angels doesn’t mean the end of the group. In fact, it means just the opposite. History has proven that many music groups fall apart when the founder is absent, but Slim began preparing his group to take the mantel of leadership more than a decade ago, leaving behind him a vibrant, exciting quartet that is poised and ready to pick up where Slim left off.

Quincy King, Slim’s son, expresses the group’s vision this way, “At my father’s request, we are going to continue to do the work he began more than fifty years ago, not just to keep his legacy alive, but to continue to fulfill his mission. We are united as a group and we all want to keep singing the good news, introducing as many people as we can to Jesus.”

Playing mostly on concert stages, Slim and the Supreme Angels tours continually throughout the year, across the United States as well as to other continents and is now comprised of Quincy King, also known as Slim, Jr. (keyboard/organ/bkgd vocals), Sugar Hightower (guitar, bass), Maurice Robinson (lead singer), and Michael Kempson (bass guitar, vocals). Their bus driver of seventeen years, Lorenzo Timmons, also remains dedicated to the group.

With a ‘can’t stop now’ mentality, the group is quickly making the transition they need to, to carry on the vision of the group without Slim, Sr. “The only time a man fails, is when he fails to try,” Quincy quotes his father as saying. He continues, “My dad opened the door and built a foundation. We are going to open the door a little wider and try to draw in the people-both young and old-who don’t know us as we develop new ideas, try out different vocal arrangements and perform with other artists in the business.”

In discussions regarding the state of gospel and secular music, Quincy admits that many people might think that quartet music is old school, not very exciting. He and the group aim to prove that quartet music is anything but that as they get ready to go out on the road, performing tracks off of their recent release, The Judgement (Malaco Records) and testing out new material.

For more information on Slim and the Supreme Angels and for details of the obituary for Slim please visit


Press Release: Prolific Song-writer Charles 'Rich' Cason Dies



March 21, 2007


Jackson, MS. March 21, 2007-Prolific song-writer and highly esteemed record producer, Charles ‘Rich’ Cason, lost his long battle with cancer late yesterday afternoon in Los Angeles, CA. Services will be held at 11:00 a.m. Monday, March 26, at Triangular Church of Religious Science, 1938 S. Western Avenue, in Los Angeles, CA, 90018. For directions, contact the church at: 323-731-1194. Wednesday, March 28, Interment services will be held in Phoenix, AZ.

As one of Malaco’s key producers and hottest song-writers, he will be sorely missed. States Tommy Couch, Sr., President of Malaco Records, “Rich was one of our go-to guys in the writing and producing part of our business.  He has delivered many hits to us and will be greatly missed by everyone here at Malaco.  He was not only a gifted musician but had a kind and gentle spirit about him.”

Born in 1945, Cason’s career in music spans more than four decades and crosses many musical styles, though he found his home in R & B. Honored as the #1 Producer of the Year at the 2005 Blues Critics Awards, Cason also earned a Grammy nomination for “Soul Heaven,” (Johnnie Taylor, Malaco Records), and won a place in the Arizona Music Hall of Fame for his work on The Blazers’ “Funky Broadway,” as well as winning Producer of the Year and Songwriter of the Year at the Jackson Music Awards in Mississippi.

Cason’s name is synonymous with ‘hit record’ for many of the artists that he worked with. “Good Love” was Malaco’s biggest selling single and remained on Billboard’s blues charts for over 52 weeks in the number one slot. The Rose Brothers (Malaco Records) reached Billboard’s Top Ten with hits, “I Get Off On You” and “Easy Love,” and the list of artists he wrote and/or produced for, though too numerous to mention them all, includes: Johnnie Taylor, Bobby ‘Blue Bland, Floyd Taylor, Marvin Sease, Ray Charles, Jermaine Jackson, The Temptations, The Fifth Dimension, The Dramatics, The Fiestas, Formula V, Garland Green, Jimmy Lewis, Al Wilson, Sam and Dave, The Soul Children, Leon Haywood and ZZ Hill.

Forward-thinking, innovative musician, Rich Cason found it an exciting challenge to change with the times, becoming a leader as he broadened his musical horizons. He is a key foundational player in the development of the R & B of our times and his music will continue to influence all who follow after him.

For more information on Richard Cason, please visit his website:


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Malaco Headlines: Malaco's March Madness! Luther Barnes Going For Adds

Volume IV, Issue 59
March 16, 2007

Malaco's March Madness!
Excitement is stirring up for Malaco Music Group and its artists!
Unless otherwise noted, visit the news page at
to search for more details.
Here’s the schedule for the rest of the month so far:

March 20

Television Tributes/Performances:
Soul Train Awards
March 17

Sensational Nightingales
March 18, Performance

Mosie Burks
March 25, Tribute

Melvin Williams
Reggie Gay TV
March 27

Maurette Brown-Clark
Pre-Release Party, Washington, D.C.
March 18

Maurette Brown-Clark
Release Party, Baltimore, MD
March 20

Crazy Like Love Tour
Melvin Williams (Blackberry)
March 18 Rocky Mount, NC
March 19 Chicago, IL
March 25 Jerusalem Temple Church, Philadelphia, MS
March 28 Atlanta, GA
March 29 Atlanta, GA
for more details


Billboard Nielsen SoundScan March 24, 2007

TW Artist Title Label Weeks Peak
35 The Caravans Paved The Way Malaco 27 7
41 Melvin Williams Crazy Like Love Blackberry 5 17

Billboard Radio Monitor Hot Gospel Songs
TW Artist Title Label Weeks Rank
10 The Caravans "Remember Me" Malaco 27 9
26 Neal Roberson "It’s On The Way" Blackberry 3 24

Radio and Records    
TW Artist Title Label Weeks Rank
10 The Caravans "Remember Me" Malaco 27 9
26 Neal Roberson "It’s On The Way" Blackberry 3 21

Music Monitor March 11, 2007 Biggest Mover     
The Caravans "Remember Me" Malaco 26 8

Music Monitor Independent Gospel Singles Biggest Gainer     
The Caravans "Remember Me" Malaco 26 3

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