Malaco Headlines October 27, 2004

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Did you know!  Malaco artists and affiliate labels have been represented regularly at the
Stellar Awards.

Dorothy Norwood has been nominated in many categories numerous times for the Stellar
Awards, Grammy Awards
and also for a Dove.  She has won awards, hearts, and acheived Gold Record Status five times during her almost fifty year career.  She consistently sells records and has toured all over the world.  Her history includes singing with the Caravans in the late fifties, with Albertina Walker and later with Shirley Ceasar.   She also performed with the legendary Mahalia Jackson and James Cleveland.

Norwood began her solo career in 1964 and her first record, Johnny and Jesus, went Gold. Norwood quickly became known by the affectionate title, "America's Greastest
In 1972, she was invited to open for Mick Jagger and The Rolling Stones, which she did to great success.

During her career it could probably be said that Dorothy Norwood has shared the concert and award stage with many of the greatest gospel artists in history.


Dorothy Norwood, Stand on the Word                     The Texas Boys
Female vocalists of the Year                                          Only the Strong Survive
Traditional CD of the Year                                            Traditional Group/Duo of the Year
Traditional Femal Vocalists of the Year                          Quartet of the Year

Men of Standard, It's a New Day                              Eddie Ruth Bradford,
Group/Duo of the Year                                                 Too Close to the Mirror
Contemporary Group/Duo of the Year                          Traditional Female Vocalists
                                                                                     of the Year

BLACKBERRY RECORDS:                                     BLACKBERRY RECORDS
The Williams Brothers, Still Here                             The Williams Brothers & Their
Group/Duo of the Year                                                  Superstar Friends, SoulLink
Traditional Gruop/Duo of the Year                                 Live
Traditional Male Vocalists of  the Year                           Special Event CD of the Year
Traditional CD of the Year
Quartet of the Year
Music Video of the Year


#18   DOROTHY NORWOOD, Stand on the Word, 17 weeks on the charts!
#19   WILLIAMS BROTHERS, SoulLink, Live, 21 weeks on the charts!
#23   MEN OF STANDARD, It's a New Day, 20 weeks on the charts!
#34   WILLIAMS BROTHERS, Still Here, #34, 47 weeks on the charts!


Houston, TX. - For twenty years gospel music professionals have celebrated excellence in the genre during the second week of January at the annual Stellar Awards show.  In the past, the award ceremonies have been held in Atlanta, Georgia, but for the second year, the show will tape in Houston, Texas.  This year's hosts are Donnie McClurkin, Yolanda Adams, and Tonex.  Dates for the event are Thursday, January 13th through Saturday, January 15th.  
     Details for the 2005 Stellar Awards can be found by going to:, or by emailing  For tickets to the event, call:  713-680-9886.  Room reservations at the Hilton, the official hotel can be made by calling:  1-800-236-2905.

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Malaco Headlines October 20, 2004

Malaco Gold

Did you know!
That a great source for old-time spirituals and great gospel classics is the Songs Mama Used to Sing series  on Blackberry Records? The Williams Brothers pull together some of the finest performers in gospel music to create CDs that reflect the golden age of gospel music.

Songs Mama Used to Sing. Vol. 3

     The latest release in this section features "There's a leak in This Old Building," by Neal Roberson, "At The Cross, by the Williams Brothers, and Blessed Be the Name," with the Texas Boyz.

Volume I features one of the most popular gospel hymns, His Eye is on the Sparrow," and Volume II includes "Ol Time Church," "Peace in the Valley" and "God Be with You," as well as a very moving rendtion of "I Surrender All," by Charles Woolfork. Other artists featured on the CD include The Original Drifters with Bill Pinkney, The Williams Brothers and Kenton Rogers.


Jackson, MS- Blackberry Records groundbreaking release, Soullink Live,  will air in select markets across the country on ABC affitiates stations. The first airing will be Thursday, October 21, at 8:00 p.m. on WAPT/ABC in Jackson, MS. Other markets slated to air the taping of this concert include Memphis, TN and New Orleans, LA.
     In the history of gospel music, no concert has been recorded with as many gospel quartets with such legendary stature. The Williams Brothers "Superstar Friends" include: Lee Williams & The Spiritual QCs, the Canton Spirituals, Slim & The Supreme Angels and The Christianaires. Hip Boot Joe, newly signed to Blueberry Records, an affiliate label of Blackberry Records, also sings on this project. These newcomers are an exciting edition to the roster of legendaries and their bluegrassy, blues gospel style should brand them as one of the great acts to watch out for as they continue recording.
     During the 2004  Mississippi Music Awards, many of the Soullink Artists were honored with awards and multiple nominations. For a complete listing contact Jenny Rogers,

                                TOP 40 STILL FINDS MALACO ARTISTS

WILLIAMS BROTHERS at #20 with Soullink, Live! 20 weeks on the charts.
MEN OF STANDARD is at #26 for their 19th week out with It's a New Day!
DOROTHY NORWOOD, Stand on the Word takes the #28 slot in it's 16th week
WILLIAMS BROTHERS, Still Here, #34, 46 weeks on the charts!

                                BILLBOARD CALLS SOULLINK LIVE A SIZZLER

June, 2004-Gordon Ely, reviewer for Billboard Magazine wrote that Soullink Live was a history CD. He states, "This mult-act, major-name live recording is a sizzling primer on modern classic gospel music. You will find no crooning quartets or angelic hymns anywhere near this relentlessly rocking collection. Genre luminaries the Williams Brothers, Lee Williams & The Spirituals QCs, the Canton Spirituals, Slim & The Supreme Angels and the Christianaires tear into live takes of signature songs as well as a high-octane ensemble cover of the O'Jays' 1973 smash, "Love Train." Soulful lead vocals, airtight harmonies and a four-piece band driven by pounding backbeats and punchy horns turn the gospel message into retrofitted '60s soul. But these are the guys who invented it, and they are still cranking it up and turning it out better than the hordes of R&B and rock imitators they've spawned for decades.

    See what Gordon is talking about! Put this music in your CD player and Crank it!

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Malaco Headlines October 12, 2004

Malaco Gold

Did you know!
The choir's first album, I'll See You in the Rapure, under the direction of Frank Williams, peaked at #1 on the Top Gospel Billboard Charts, as did God Gets the Glory and It Remains to Be Seen. Every Mississippi Mass Choir album has hit the top 40 and It Remains to be Seen also made the top 40 on the top Contemporary Christian Charts.

2003, Best Traditional Gospel Song, "Holding On," by Dorothy  Love Coats. Album, Amazing Love, Malaco Records.
1997, Best Gospel Album by a Choir or Chorus, I'll See You in the Rapture, Malaco Records.
1997, Choir of the Year, Traditional Choir of the Year
1994, Traditonal Choir of the Year, traditional Album of the Year
1992: Traditional Album of the Year
1991, Album of the Year
1990, Billboard Special, Achievement Award
1990, Gospel Record of the Year


Jackson, MS- Jenny Mannery, Director of the Gospel Division at Malaco Records is quick to emphasize the ministry efforts of the Mississippi Mass Choir whenever given the opportunity to discuss new projects and past exploits. While humbly down-playing awards and accolades, Mannery states, "We are a ministry first and we realize  that we need to serve others." He recites Matthew 25: 35-40, relating the story that vividly  depicts our need to serve, "....When I was a stranger you took me in..naked you clothed me..... in prison you visited me...."
     The latest ministry effort to the choir is tied in with their 2004 taping. Though the admission is free, a love offering will be taken in what is anticipated to be a packed house (5000+) at Thalia Mara Hall in Jackson, MS.
     The love offering will donated to the American Red Cross National Diaster Relief Fund, which will help to benefit those who were hard hit during the late summber hurricanes that blasted through Florida and the Gulf Coast. Mannery explains, "Many of our choir members have family members in Florida, the Bahamas, and Jamaica and we want to give back as much as we can."
     Other ministry efforts that  the choir has participated in include: Toys for Tots and the Mississippi Food Network, "With every recording, we've always used ministry," stated Mannery.

                                                      Guest artists:
                                               Rev. Milton Biggham
                                                     Beverly Crawford

Jackson, MS- World reown gospel choir, The Mississippi Mass Choir is scheduled to tape their seventh live recording with Malaco Records on Friday, October 29, 2004 at 7:00 p.m. at the Thalia Mara Hall, 255  E. Pascagoula St., Jackson, MS. Admissions is FREE for the event.
The theme for this taping is based on Zechariah 4:6, "....Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith th Lord of Hosts." The scripture serves as a reminder that norwithstanding all of the accomplishments and awards of the choir, the work that they are doing is accomplished by the power of the Lord and His glory. For media VIP passes and seating, please contact Jenny Rogers at: 615-477-4849.


WILLIAMS BROTHERS at #18 with Soullink Live! 18 weeks on the charts.
MEN OF STANDARD is at #226 for their 17th week out with It's a New Day!
DOROTHY NORWOOD, Stand on the Word takes the #22  slot in it's 14th week
WILLIAMS BROTHERS, Still Here, #32, 44 weeks on the charts!

                              MISSISSIPPI MASS CHOIR  TOURS SPAIN

Jackson, MS- International tours are an annual event and now a tradition for the award-winning Mississippi Mass Choir. This summer, a portion of the choir toured Spain and will be returning again in the near future.
     Other international destinations from the choir's scrapbook include: singing for Pope John Paul II in Italy, the Umbria Jazz Festival in Italy, a performance at the Acropolis in Athens, Greece, which made history as they were the first gospel choir to perform there, a trip to the Bahamas, a two-time tour of Japan, and a world tour in 1997.

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Malaco Headlines September 17, 2004

Malaco Gold

Did you know?  Founder of the Georgia Mass Choir is Reverend Milton Biggham who is also the Executive Director of Savoy Records.

Over 600 people applied for a position with the Georgia Mass Choir and 150 were given the privilege.  Their first album, entitled Yes, He Can, peaked at #6 on the Billboard Top Gospel Album Chart in 1984. All of their CDs have hit the top 40 and two hav crossed over to top Contemporary Christian Album Chart as well as Top Gospel Album. These are: I Sing Because I'm Happy and Lord Take Me Through. I Sing Because I'm Happy peaked at eh #2 spot on the Gospel Chart.

KUDOS: By the early '90s, the Georgia Mass Choir was recognized as a leading gospel choir. The choir has been nominated for Grammy and Dove Awards and has won a Gospel Music Workshop of America Excellence Award.

Worth Mentioning:
Penny Marshall casth the choir in the film The Preacher's Wife in 1996, the choir performed at the 1996  Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia, they have been given the keys to the city of Atlanta and they have performed for the Superbowl half-time show.


New Jersey- Savoy Records, one of the earliest record labels to take on gospel music, has been privileged with being home to some of the greatest artists known to the genre, including Dorothy Norwood, the Caravans, Albentina Walker, and The Soul Stirrers, to name a few.
     This prestigious label, more recently known for its award-winning gospel choir, The Georgia Mass Choir, or cultivating the career of vocal diva, LaShun Pace, has not signed a quartet  in fifteen years. This milestone event took place in 2004, signing gospel group, Gerald Hinton & The New Redeemers, of Releign, North Carolina.
     These twenty year industry veterans sing both contemporary and "down-home, old-fashioned songs" and posses a showmanship not common with the old-style gospel quartet groups. Savoy Exective Director Reverend Milton Biggham says this about the group, Gerald Hinton's vocal quality and power supercedes the norm, he has tremendous writing abilities and penned most of the songs on the You Don't Know How Blessed  You Are debut album. His ability to pull th audiences in by strolling through the crowd as he sings also adds a special flair to the group's performance."
     You Don't Know How Blessed You Are hit stores July 20, 2004


Jackson, MS- As Malaco Music Group serviced the radio single "You Don't Know How Blessed  You Are" by Gerald Hinton & The New Redeemers on Savoy Records, they knew they were sending something special to programmers. Manufactured as an Enchanced CD programmers will not only be able to hear the music for the track by using Quick Time.

Please request your copy by contacting D.A. Johnson, Marketing Director of the Gospel Division at Malaco Records. Call: 601-982-4522 or email:

MEN OF STANDARD ships second single to radio, September 17.
Add date is September 21.
                                                      Listen For
                                        "CAN'T STOP NOW"
                                                      Next Week


WILLIAM BROTHERS at #16 with Soullink, Live! 15 weeks on the charts.
MEN OF STANDARD is at #21 for their 14th week out with It's a New Day!
DOROTHY NORWOOD, Stand on the Word  takes the #18 slot in it's 11th week


Jackson, MS. September 16, 2004- Gerald Hinton & The New Redeemers You Don't Know How Blessed You Are concept music video recently made it world debut on BET, Black Entertainment Television. The single of the same song is still being aired on both Gospel and Urban radio stations in markets nationwide.

For product requests, please contact: Jenny Rogers at

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Malaco Headlines September 3, 2004

Malaco Gold                         

Did you know?  Thomas Dorsey, known as the Father of Gospel music was the first music director James Cleveland sang under.  Cleveland was later given the title The King of Gospel Music.  He was best known as the visionary behind the contemporary gospel sound, with arrangements that were replete with jazz and soul figures, odd time signatures and a fusion of the sanctified church style and secular pop.

Rev. James Cleveland became a minister in the sixties, founding the Cornerstone Institutional Baptist Church in Los Angeles.  He also influenced the musical styling of Aretha Franklin who was a piano student of his at one time.  In 1972, the pair reunited and Cleveland was featured guest on her Amazin Grace album, one of the biggest selling gospel albums of all time.

The Gospel Music Workshop of America grew out of the dream of Cleveland's in 1968. 
His desire to bring exceptional writers, singers, and musicians together to hone their craft and
learn from one another has grown over the years to become an organization boasting over 30,000 members in 150 chapters across America and abroad.


Tupelo, Ms-Five time Stellar Award winner in 2004 for their latest release, Right On Time, Lee Williams and the Spiritual QCs are making the most of their fanfare.  Booked solid August through October of 2004, the group will travel from as far south as Ala-
bama and South Carolina up to Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, New York and
states in between.

During the QCs anniversary celebration, the group will be joined by other gospel acts such as:  The Williams Brothers (SoulLink LIve, Blackberry Records)
Eddie Ruth Bradford (Too Close to the Mirror, Juana Records), the legendary Jackson Southernaires, and others.

For dates and times, please go to the following link: 

  • Right on Time first distibuted album
    by Malaco Music Group for MCG
  • Lee Williams & the Spiritual QCs
    consistently sell out concerts.
  • First ans Second releases by QCs
    for MCG sell 500,000 + units.
  • QCs are disputedly the #1 gospel
    quartet in the world.


  WILLIAMS BROTHERS at #15 with SoulLlink, Live! 13 weeks on the charts.
  MEN OF STANDARD is at #16 for their 12th week out with It's a New Day!
DOROTHY NORWOOD, Stand on the Word
takes the #19 slot in it's9th week!


Jackson, MS-Early 2003, James Bullard, President and CEO of MCG Records believes in the strong coalition between Malaco Records and his independent gospel label.  With a roster that boasts the award-winning Lee Williams whose first release with Malaco, Right on Time, peaked #4 on the Billboard Charts, veterans Slim and the Supreme Angels, and the G4s, MCG should continue to make a sound impact on the Gospel music industry with both sales, airplay and its award-wining roster.

Bullard, with more that twenty grammies to his credit, single-handedly built the gospel artist rosters at both Word Recordsand Intersound Music, working with such artists as Shirley
Ceasar, Al Green, and others.  In his words, "I believe MCG can be the spark to grow the traditional gospel Industry-and all the artists who for years have made this genre their home, ministry and career- to a level of respect that it has never hadbefore.  In imaging, packing, and product quality, we are posed to recieve the same credibility and industry involvement as the urban/gospel market.  This is the oportunity to bring traditional gopsel center stage, and Malaco has the means and enthusiasm to support than any other system I've been involved with."

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