Soulster Willie Clayton Joins Malaco



JULY 28, 2005


Jackson, MS. July 28, 2005-On July 27, 2005 Southern Soul legend, Willie Clayton, signed a recording contract with Malaco Records, turning over past masters and promising new releases. His latest release on EndZone Entertainment, Full Circle, will be re-packaged with a new cut added to the project. The first single from the re-release hits radio in August, while DJs continue to spin other hits from the album’s initial release in March.


“Willie Clayton has been around for a long time,” states Tommy Couch, Jr., Director of Malaco Music Group. “He is truly the final piece for us. After Tyrone Davis and Johnnie Taylor passed away, Southern Soul was left with three great, legendary artists: Mel Waiters, Marvin Sease, and Willie Clayton. Malaco had the first two, now we have all three.” Indeed Clayton has been singing his soul out, literally, for forty years. Recognized as an accomplished songwriter, producer, and performer, Clayton attributes his success to staying true to himself and persevering through difficult times. 

 Full Circle pays homage to the late great Ray Charles with a rendition of his signature song, “Georgia On My Mind,” and can be described as an album that has ‘old school style with new school flavor.’ Tracing his roots to gospel, Clayton carries off Southern Soul in a way that nobody else can.

For more information on Willie Clayton, contact Malaco Records at: 601-982-4522


Choir Soloist Launches Solo Career at Seventy-Two


July 21, 2005

Volume II, Issue 11


Jackson, MS. July 21, 2005-Mosie Burks, recognized as a soloist for the world-renown, award-winning Mississippi Mass Choir, releases her debut solo CD September 26, 2005, Mama Burks, on the Malaco Records label. She marks the beginning of her solo career at age seventy-two and his happy to sing about it.

Guest artists on Mama Burks include legendary 'Storyteller' Dorothy Norwood (Malaco Records), the S.L. Spann Inspirers, Greg Thompson, and members of The Mississippi Mass Choir as well as members of her home church choir at Greater Fairview Baptist Church in Jackson, MS. The album conatins many gospel classics that characterize Burks' favorites, such as "Amazing Grace" and "Oh Happy Day," as well as originals penned by Reverend Benjamin Cone, III.

"Mosie Burks brings down the rafters when she sings," begins Tommy Couch, Sr., President of Malaco Records. "Fans love her. Radio loves her. I can't think of a single we've sent to radio with her as soloist that hasn't hit the top of the charts. With all that energy for singing the gospel, she needed to spread her wings and fly on her own." Her current single, "I'm Not Tired Yet," with The Mississippi Mass Choir's latest release, Not by Power, Nor by Might, has hit top-ten status, as reported by R & R (Radio and Records) an industry trade publication.

Joining the choir in 1995 after turning down several invitations to audition, Burks was surprised to learn that she had been selected to sing a solo, "This Morning When I Rose," which soared to the #2 position on the Billboard Charts. Its album, I'll See You in the Rapture, claimed the number one spot for more than a year.

With humble beginnings as one of thirteen children, working for sharecroppers picking cotton as a young girl and caring for her siblings after her mother passed away, Burks has claimed the devotion of many fans throughout the world. She has toured in many countries, including: Japan, Italy, Spain, Greece, and Europe and has been featured in two documentaries, America's Heart and Soul by Disney productions and River of Song by PBS.



  • 10 Year soloist for The Mississippi Mass Choir
  • Disney Productions featured Burks in America's Heart and Soul, a nationally released documentary.
  • PBS tells the story of Burks in their River of Songs documentary
  • International concerts booking have taken Burks to: Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal and France
  • At age twenty-one, she raised 10 of her siblings after her mother passed away and her father left.
  • On Grammy-winning album: I'll See You in the Rapture, by The Mississippi Mass Choir, Burks was soloist for the #2 hit, "This Morning When I Rose"
  • Kudos with the choir include: Stellar Awards, Grammy Award, Billboard Awards, GMWA Awards, Chart-topping hits.

On life, Burks has this to say: "I have found favor in the Lord, he has granted me to do so many things. I have a ball living, I have a hearty living, I wake up happy. I'm still here!" She shouts, "Yahoo!"


Mississippi Mass Choir (Malaco): Not By Power, Nor By Might, #6

Shadrach (Juana Praise): I Won't Worry No More, #17

The Williams Brothers (Blackberry): Greatest Hits, Plus, #33

The Williams Brothers (Blackberry): Still Here, #37


Contact: Malaco Music Group


Phone: (601) 982-4522


Jackson, MS. July 19, 2005-Malaco Music Group’s gospel division has long been recognized as a trailblazer in the record industry, paving the way for what has now become one of the fastest growing genres in the business. With award-winning icons such as The Mississippi Mass Choir, The Georgia Mass Choir, The Jackson Southernaires, The Williams Brothers, and Dorothy Norwood on their roster, Malaco has become the largest independent gospel label and the leader in traditional gospel music. With an eye for the future, the company made the decision to join the ‘hip-hop revolution,’ signing their first artist, Tim Miller, aka DA MINISTA, in June. DA MINISTA’s debut, John Miller’s Son…Still Preachin’ has a September street date.

"This is a season of firsts," begins Tommy Couch, Sr., President of Malaco Music Group. "Tim Miller is our first hip-hop artist. We are very excited to have signed him." Couch then adds, "Miller is a pleasure to work with, not only because of his exceptional talent, but because he is passionate, well-spoken, filled with integrity and has a strong sense of purpose. As DA MINISTA, he will become the cornerstone of our hip-hop roster and a new leader in the Gospel/Christian industry."

Leadership is what Malaco is all about. When it comes to numbers, the company adds up to a multitude of top ten hits, award-winning artists, and successful business ventures across the board. "Backing hip-hop is a natural fit for us," states D.A. Johnson, Marketing/Promotions Director for the label. "We are positioned to make history with DA MINISTA, because his unique brand of hip-hop has proven itself to cross generational barriers as well as a variety of radio formats. All he needed was a label behind him to catapult him into the marketplace."

John Miller’s Son…Still Preachin’ contains eleven original tracks. The first single, "Don’t You Wanna Be Saved," releases to gospel radio next week and is projected to be in full-rotation, a first for gospel stations who have not yet aired hip-hop music. Mainstream and Urban radio formats will be serviced with "I Ain’t Feeling That."

Still Preachin’ will be available to the Christian market through Malaco Christian Distribution and to mainstream outlets through Select-O-Hits.

Contact information is as follows: Tony Goodwin, MCD: (877) 462-3623 or

email: and Select-O-Hits: (901) 388-1190.

Malaco Headlines/Dottie Peoples Rises to Aspirations

Volume II, Issue 10
July 13, 2005


Jackson, MS-When Dottie Peoples was a small girl, she used to sit on the edge of her church pew, drinking in the music from the church choir and muse to herself about one day becoming a singer. Peoples didn't want to be just antoher member of the choir though, and one day she declared to her grandmother sitting by her, "I want to become the next Mahalia Jackson."

With a career that spans fifteen years and ten albums, all of which have charted (five in the top ten), Peoples is on her way. She has endeared herself to fans by making their experience memorable and personal, believing in handing out hugs to those who stand by and support her and responding to fan mail when she is able.

Peoples' reputation for excellence and her love for gospel music combined with a powerful voice that has been compared to the likes of Patti La Belle and Aretha Franklin make it no surprise that she has won the prestigious Vision Award and numerous Stellar Awards as well as garnering multiple nominations at the Grammy, Dove, and Stellar Awards throughout her career.

On July 15, 2005, Peoples will be in concert at the Joe L. Reed Acadome in Montgomery, AL, in support of her newest release, Live in Memphis, He Said It (Air Gospel).

For booking information contact:


MISSISSIPPI MASS CHOIR: Not by Power, Nor by Might, #6
SHADRACH: I Won't Worry No More, #26
WILLIAMS BROTHERS: Greatest Hits, Plus 1, #29
DOTTIE PEOPLES: Live in Memphis, He Said It, #50


Jackson, MS. WIth the acquisition of AIR Gospel, comes a legacy of gospel music; gold nuggest to add to a rich collection of the industry's finest artists, one of whome is Dottie Peoples.

With ten chart-topping releases, a powerful voice and elegant flair, Peoples need not seek after a Mahalia-ish reputation, for she is making a name all her own.

For a complete listing of Peoples' records, visit: or visit




Jackson, MS., June 30, 2005-- Malaco Music Group and Selecto-Hits announce the acquisition of one of the largest and most successful independent traditional gospel labels in the market, Atlanta International Records (AIR Gospel). AIR will find itself in good company as it takes its place in line with the roster of Malaco's internationally renown and historic gospel imprints, Savoy Records, Malaco Records, Muscle Shoals Sound Gospel, and 601 Music.

"This purchase is really a coup for Malaco," states Tommy Couch, Sr., president of Malaco Music Group, "We are very excited to add the AIR catalog to our own, which will make ours the richest and largest collection of gospel music held throughout the world."

Alan Freeman, former CEO for AIR Records agrees adding, "This is a beautiful fit, joining these two independent companies together. We are losing the older generation of gospel artists and this genre of music [gospel], which is defined by American history and culture, has been served well by both AIR Records and Malaco as these labels have sought to preserve as well as be torchbearers for it, carrying it into the future. I see this venture as a positive step in the right direction for continuing this legacy."

AIR will continue to cultivate new talent and work with its active artist roster which includes Grammy nominee and award-winning Dottie Peoples, Luther Barnes and the Red Budd Community Choir, Maurette Clark Brown, Rev. F.C. Barnes, and Timothy Wright. Freeman will act as consultant to the label from his Atlanta office while operation of the label will be based at Malaco Music Group headquartered in Jackson, MS. Peoples  released a powerful new project in June, Live in Memphis, He Said It, which is expected to top all previous releases by her and other projects are slated to release in August and September by Luther Barnes and Clark respectively.

Malaco has had its eye on AIR for some time, having watched them grow throughout the years into a very strong indy label. Ron Freeman, Alan's father, created AIR in 1980 as a natural outgrowth of a business he began in 1968, One Stop Record House, in Atlanta. Having created a booming gospel record business in his wholesale outfit, he decided to try his hand in the production and distribution of gospel audio and launched the label selling sermons given by local preachers. This side of the business was so successful, Freeman was encouraged to release gospel music albums and the first, Rough Side of the Mountain, by Reverend F.C. Barnes, and Janice Brown, was a #1 Billboard Hit for two years following its release, becoming one of the most treasured traditional gospel recordings in history and is now considered a classic.

The year 2005 marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of AIR Records and there is much reason to celebrate. With the award-winning roster mentioned above, as well as the many other popular artists who began their careers with AIR (For example, the signing of The Christianaires to their first deal in 1984, who are now with Marxan Records, distributed through Malaco) and retired with AIR (The Swanee Quartet), Couch relates "It doesn't get much better than this. We [at Malaco] know that we have made history with the milestones created by artists signed to our rosters, such as The Mississippi and Georgia Mass Choirs, and because of our longevity in an industry that sees labels come and go like a summer storm, we have been able to watch AIR cultivate its own success and ride its waves comfortably into the twenty-first century. We are also impressed with the quality of product and integrity of artists signed to that label and look forward to many good years with this new alliance."

For more information regarding AIR and Malaco, visit the following web-sites: and For information on individual artists, visit their specific site or contact the label for publicist information.


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