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P.O. Box 9287
Jackson, MS 39286-9287

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3023 West Northside Drive
Jackson, MS 39213

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Thomas Couch Jr.
Tel: 601-982-4522 x205
FAX: 601-982-4528

Thomas Couch Sr.
Board of Directors
Tel: 601-982-4522 ext. 204
FAX: 601-982-4528

Stewart Madison
Director of Business Affairs / Sr. Director Licensing
Tel: 601-982-4522 ext. 203
FAX: 601-982-4528

Gerald "Wolf" Stephenson
Vice President
Tel: 601-982-4522
FAX: 601-982-4528

Burton Doss
Director of Information Technology
Webmaster, Digital Media Manager
Digital Marketing Manager
Tel: 601-982-4522 ext. 109
FAX: 601-982-3320

Rosetta Anderson
Director of Copyrights and Royalties
Tel: 601-982-4522 ext. 113
FAX: 601-982-3320

Nathan Nichols
Administrator, Copyrights and Royalties
Tel: 601-982-4522 ext. 112
FAX: 601-982-3320

D.A. Johnson
Executive Director, Gospel Division
Tel: 601-982-4522 ext. 206
FAX: 601-982-4528

Darrell Luster
Gospel A&R and Promotions
Tel: 601-982-4522 x215
FAX: 601-982-4528

Paul Timblin
Production Manager
Tel: 601-982-4522 ext. 111
FAX: 601-982-3320

Larry Jones
R&B Promotions
Morning Show -
Tel: 601-982-4522 ext. 101
FAX: 601-982-3320

Jane Galloway
Personnel and Accounting
Tel: 601-982-4522 ext. 110
FAX: 601-982-3320

Matt Kivett
R&B, Gospel and Christian Sales
Tel: 601-982-4522 ext.
FAX: 601-982-4528

Kent Bruce
Engineering / Mastering
Tel: 601-982-4522
FAX: 601-982-4528

Maxie Henderson
Director - Mail Order Catalog
Tel: 601-982-4522 ext. 100
FAX: 601-982-3320

Nicole Williams
Assistant to Thomas Couch, Jr.
Tel: 601-982-4522 ext. 201
FAX: 601-982-4528

Cherry Carter
Administrative Assistant
Tel: 601-982-4522 ext. 210
FAX: 601-982-4528


Rev. Milton Biggham
Director, Savoy Records


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