If Love Hadn't Left Me Lonely

Famous 80s music producer turned slick stock broker, Ricardo French (veteran actor, Richard Brooks) has to battle a lot of demons. Haunted by his alcohol addicted past, Ricardo exists in a detached, passionless state…until he meets Lexie (played by Cindy Herron Braggs of the pop group En Vogue), a classically trained dancer forced to dance in a posh nightclub owned by slimy businessman, Rashid (played by Ice-T). From the minute Lexie glides onstage Ricardo is captivated. Her energy ignites his desire and fuels his submerged creative passion. After their first meeting, Ricardo is inspired to write music again. While Ricardo tries to break back onto the music scene, he has to battle his old enemies, and prove hes not the alcoholic loser he once was. As hes working his way back up to the top, his inspiration, Lexie is being brought down by her ex husband who is trying to take her daughter away. If Love Hadnt left Me Lonely is a story of love, loss, and redemption set in the dazzling world of music and dance.

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