Reverend James Moore

James Moore's career was a phenomenon before it became what many call a miracle. After his first five Malaco albums had hit the Top 10 of Billboard magazine's Gospel Albums Chart, Rev. Moore began facing an illness that would stop most any man. In 1994, shortly after recording his last hit album, Live at Jackson State University, then 38 year old Moore went to the doctor with a nosebleed and was initially diagnosed with the flu. But he soon found out that his kidneys had stopped functioning, leaving toxins in his bloodstream that took his eyesight and forced him into dialysis three times a week.

Rev. Moore's faith and ministry have only strengthened by those hardships. In the spring of 1997, he starred in the New York cast of Why Good Girls Like Bad Boyz and became the crowd favorite in the hit gospel musical. He also starred in the show's national tour, in the fall 1997 and spring 1998.

Born in the gospel "hotbed" of Detroit, James Moore offered an inkling of what was to come when, at the ripe age of seven, he gave his first performance. He grew up in Detroit and Louisiana. After his illness took hold, he moved to Jackson, Mississippi, to be close to his work at Malaco. But in 1997, he moved back to the home of his adulthood, Memphis, Tennessee. Many can be credited with helping Moore move up the gospel music ladder in the early days, but two in particular were there from the beginning, Elma Hendricks and Mattie Moss Clark. Ms. Hendricks directed him into the Church of God in Christ, where, musically and spiritually, he began to flourish. Ms. Clark, a gospel music matriarch helped him up the first few rungs of the ladder. In addition, Moore acknowledges the profound influences of the late artist Rev. James Cleveland, the artist Rev. Richard White and the late Malaco gospel director Frank Williams.

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