Shirley Brown

Shirley Brown will always be remembered for her highly acclaimed million seller-Grammy nominated hit "Woman To Woman". This songstress has managed to survive the changes and fads of the ever changing and competitive music industry.

Shirley Brown's career started early, singing at a Baptist Church in St. Louis, Missouri. At age ten, Shirley delivered a Gospel song with such power and emotion that it earned her credentials as a solo vocal artist throughout the city of St. Louis. She began concentrating on making Rhythm and Blues music. By 1974, Shirley Brown was introduced to Stax Records, in Memphis, courtesy of her then manager, Albert King. Once there, she began to audition a song with the Bar Kays, but was cut short by Stax impresario Jim Stewart. Shirley said of the event, "Jim was quite excited. He wanted to sign me and wouldn't even let us finish the song!" It was at Stax that Brown recorded the song that she will forever be remembered, Woman To Woman. One year later, 1975, Stax folded and a bemused Brown searched for another label. In 1977, Brown found Arista Records where she stayed until 1979. But it was in 1989, that Shirley Brown found her home at Malaco Records.

Shirley Brown and Malaco Records have been a winning combination for the past ten years. The secret to Shirley's success is her almost operatically big, voice. She describes her voice as "Music from the heart." If given the chance, one must witness Shirley Brown at a live performance. She carries such an uncanny ability to carry an audience through a wide range of emotions from song to song. Brown stated that one day a reporter asked her, after one of her performances was over, "When will the Diva of Soul ever slow down?" Shirley, without hesitating, answered, "Honey, tell 'em I am just getting started!"

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