Tonya is contemporary R & B's next superstar. One can not help but notice. Maybe once in a decade, if not a lifetime, "the voice" comes knocking on your record label's door. Tonya packs a straight-ahead voice with a pure vocal line, sweetened around the edges. Her cutting edge, sultry sound defies category. She is urban, pop, hip-hop, and R & B, with a strain of soul sound. It is no coincidence that when Tonya was asked who her greatest influence was on her singing career she unquestionably said Aretha Franklin, the queen of soul. "She sings straight from the church and has so much soul and she's also from the old school," said Tonya, a church nurtured artist who, like Franklin, can double on vocals and piano.

Tonya, born more than a dozen years after Franklin's R-E-S-P-E-C-T seized No. 1, infuses her own spin around that solid soul core. Her vocals translate into a fresh, sultry, urban hip-hop sound that hypnotically spells S-O-U-L today. At the same time, her songs pinpoint relationships between men and women at the turn of the century. Love, honesty, hurt, hope, joy, temptation, cheating, sorrow, and resolve become one sweeping emotion in her music.

Tonya first captured the R & B world's attention with the album's spin-off single, I've Been Having An Affair, in mid 1997. The mesmerizing cut was added out of the box on key radio stations in Memphis, Charlotte, Little Rock, Shreveport, and was instantly spinning in the Detroit and Chicago mega-markets. Affair soon rocketed into the elite Top 40 of Billboard's Hot R & B Singles Chart, signaling Tonya's professional arrival into the new world of urban music. Fans liken Tonya's modern soul style to the vocals of Toni Braxton, Jade, Anita Baker, and Aretha Franklin.

Tonya was born LaTonya Youngblood in tiny, peaceful Prentiss, Mississippi. She began her singing in church as a young child and has been leading R & B / Soul bands in nightclubs for a half-dozen years. She still regularly commutes from her homes in Jackson and Greenville to go to Prentiss to sing and play piano at The Prentiss First Baptist Church on many Sundays

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