A native from Jackson, Mississippi, Terrell is an accomplished vocalist of sultry and smooth R&B flavor. We can describe Terrell as you would describe a most sensational recipe. Mix in a teaspoon of Maxwell, a tablespoon of D’Angelo, a pinch of Eric Benet and the hypnotic seductions of Luther Vandross. Let him rise at room temperature and like an oven he will heat up a stage performance to at least 360 degrees and the women will simmer for days.

Music has always been a part of Terrell’s life. He began by singing in the church choir and dominated numerous talent shows, which helped forge his visions to become an entertainer. Most people who know him know that stardom is his destiny and he was never shy about letting everyone know of his ambitions.

Terrell is a songwriter, vocal arranger and producer. He co-wrote and produced for Freddie Jackson, and he is currently the voice for the theme song of the nationally syndicated radio show “Radio Scope”. He is currently a partner in a production/management company. His talents are limitless and his stage presence is spellbinding.

Terrell has performed concerts throughout the world including Italy, Guam, Hawaii, Canada, and Japan. He has performed with such notables as The Gap Band, Phil Perry, Men At Large, Jesse Powell and Vesta Williams. He has been the opening act for several veteran entertainment acts, and recently appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show and was one of the few artists is the country to perform at a party in one of her homes.

Folks, this star is rising, setting next to the moon and shooting for the galaxy. So, put up your aprons, don’t worry about the pots and pans, and get ready for a new recipe for tenderness and romance. Terrell has all of the ingredients, so come and see what Terrell’s is cooking in the Soul Kitchen.

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