Super Jay

Super Jay

Take one listen to Super Jay’s track “On the Set” and odds are you’ll be singing it to yourself within 60 seconds of the tracks completion and as matter of fact that goes for almost any of this young phenom’s songs. This 21 year old talent brings an infectious and almost hypnotic sound to virtually every track he blesses. Harboring a truly unique and soulful voice that everyone can appreciate and admire while at the same time possesses a look and image that makes guys jealous and drives the ladies wild. In a world and industry where everyone is trying to be a star Super Jay seems to have been born that way as if the planets and stars aligned just right on the eve of his birth and said “Yes…This will be our gift to the world on this night”.

Though super Jay was blessed with all the attributes needed to shine bright he had to work hard and struggle for his ambitions and dreams like so many great and talented artists that have come before him so needless to say his road to success was certainly not handed to him on a silver platter. Growing up in a lower income environment Super Jay often had to fight criticism about his chosen path. People used to say “Why do you want to sing”? “Singing is for the soft you should be a rapper” and for a while he actually listened to the haters and did rap for a few years but when he would go home he would sing to himself and emulate one of his icons “Usher”. Little did he know that in the years to come he would not only follow in that man’s shoes but literally fall into them.

So after a few years of rapping Super Jay decided to own his destiny and embrace the gift that God gave him and let the world hear his voice. He began to dedicate himself full time to singing once again. After several years of struggling to get his music played in the clubs with little success he and a few of his peers decided to take fate into their own hands. What did they do? They started their own club and started throwin’ their own music into the mix. It was this kind of outside of the box thinking that helped Super Jay get the initial push that he needed. The patrons of the club were going bananas over his songs and they wanted more from him.

It wasn’t long before Super Jay got his break and had the opportunity to open up for “Jeremiah” and it was there that he was discovered by rap mogul Mike Smiley
CEO of Presidential Trap House Records. Mike saw the reaction of the crowd to Super Jay and always having an eye for talent he wasn’t about to let this young talent escape his grasp. Super Jay quickly signed with Presidential Trap House and it wasn’t long before music video juggernaut “Mr. Boom Town” was shooting a video for “On The set”.

For the time being that is Super Jay’s story a tale of raw talent, struggle, ambition and just a dash of luck. If you want to know what will happen next I guess you’ll just have to stay tuned and keep your eyes focused like the rest of us. Lord knows there’s no stopping him now!

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