Lil Bobb'E Bling

I'll Always Love My Momma


Bobb'e J Thompson, AKA Lil Bobb'E Bling makes his mark in the Rap genre with his debut release "I'll Always Love My Momma" on Da Pitt Bull Kat Records. Although best recognized for his role as Lil' Stanley on Disney's Raven show, Lil' Bobb'E will be showcasing his musical and dancing talent as one of the cast members of WB's newest shows The Jammx Kids.  

Track Listing:
  • 1. Cars 
  • 2. Clap Your Hands 
  • 3. I'll Always Love My Momma 
  • 4. What, What 
  • 5. A Brand New Dog 
  • 6. The Throwback 
  • 7. Sleeper 
  • 8. Rock Wit Me 
  • 9. Everything To Me 
  • 10. I'll Always Love My Momma (Remix) 
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