Lady Lex

Barely a year after Alexis Smith-Noel was born, Toyota set out “to build a luxury vehicle to challenge the world’s best.” Over the next two decades, the Lexus brand became an international symbol of automotive excellence and gained the widespread acclaim envisioned by the company.
While the moniker “Lady Lex” plays upon the sound of her given name, Alexis is clearly inspired by the quality-driven reputation of her favorite ride. Armed with world-class talent and “relentless” drive, Lady Lex is a fully-loaded model of turbo-charged female emcee headed for listener showrooms throughout the nation. “Her debut album “A Lil Bitta All Dat” is just that – Lady Lex giving you a lyrical ride through all of her life experiences flowing over beats made just for the whips and the clubs.“
As a teen, Lex couldn’t get enough of the styles of Mia X, then the first lady of Master P’s No Limit stable. Now Lady Lex has established her own brand and sound. “A Lil Bitta All Dat” showcases true-to-life tracks ranging from “Hero,” an anthem dedicated to her supportive mother, who died in January 2005, to “Still Waters,” a rap over the Four Tops’ R&B classic that was one of her father’s favorites. She draws upon her own life for “When the Morning Comes,” a sober warning against remaining in abusive relationships. All 17 tracks, which showcase true lyricism profanity-free, are all penned by Lex herself. Underground producers Felton, O.B. (Andral Peters), Eagle Eye and Nina Gray hooked up the phat tracks.
Fans will enjoy a traffic-stopping ride with Lady Lex at the musical wheel. So put your seat belts on, turn up the volume, and experience “the relentless pursuit of hip-hop perfection” – Lexus-style!
Biography by Hedi Butler

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