Hailing from Dallas, the artist B-Hamp was best known early in his life for being a people person and class clown. At the age of 7, Hamp or B Dash as his friends call him, was captivated by rap music and would spend hours watching the television show ‘The Box’ memorizing the videos and lyrics to every song. B-Hamp always craved to be the center of attention so he would dance to be noticed by his peers and started freestyle rapping in the 7th grade in the lunchroom. Realizing he had natural talent Hamp started to write rhymes in junior high and soon would help form the group Texxxas Made. The group spelled the name with three x’s to be unique and would generate a moderate amount of success selling mixtapes, their most successful song was entitled, ‘Two Piece’ a street classic which was featured on a number of battle tapes throughout the South.
While with Texxas Made, B-Hamp also joined a second group named Supreme Records/ 20 20 Clique and started to perform at shows and continue to sell more mixtapes. The group had a breakout single with ‘Work Your Shoulders’ and the single featured catchy a verse by Hamp and was the beginning of his first solo hit ‘Do The Ricky Bobby’. With influence from his friends, Hamp decided to write an entire song around his original verse driving on the way to work one day. The night before he watched the hit cult movie Talladega Nights starring Will Ferrell, which would be pivotal in his concept of the song ‘Do The Ricky Bobby’. He took what he wrote, recorded it at his producer Youngstar’s house and went the next day with the single in hand to the local label, CKB Entertainment based in Texas and Oklahoma. CEO Rickey Booker excited about this new artist, decided to work with B-Hamp and urged him to create a dance to go along with the hit song. It wasn’t long before ‘Do The Ricky Bobby’ dance started to sweep the country as the latest dance craze. “I think we have something special here with B-Hamp”, says Booker with a confident smile on his face, “it’s been a long time since I have been a part of something that has taken off so fast”.
Now at just 22 years old B-Hamp finds himself signed to CKB Entertainment and with a major distribution deal through Malaco Records. He is currently hard at work in the studio recording tracks for his upcoming album, B Dash due for release May of 2009, featuring Fat Pimp, Dorrough, GS Boys and Charlie Boy. ‘Do The Ricky Bobby’ single has been on Billboard’s Top 100 for the past 8 weeks, and is one of the most requested and added song on radio stations across the country. B-Hamp has been featured in several major publications already including a full page in Entertainment Weekly illustrating the dance moves of the ‘Ricky Bobby’. He also has a sponsorship deal with Big Tex Marketing to wear Rockport Shoes and Yumms Clothing secured by his management company Cold Frunt Management.
Currently on tour Nationwide, B-Hamp’s future looks bright, “I’m just humbled by all of this and excited to keep moving forward with the album and my project” says Hamp, “if you don’t believe in what you’re doing than you don’t need to do it, and honestly I want people to see I am the real deal not just a rapper with a catchy dance song”.

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