Fusion - A Blend Of Poetry And Music


"Fusion” is a blend of poetry and music that will shift the paradigm by launching a new, artistic phase of the Hip Hop idiom. This CD is a collection of 18 tracks that brings to life the written and performed works of 18 of the of the hottest spoken word artists in the nation including Read More

Track Listing:
  • 1. I'm A Poet Now - Breeze 
  • 2. It's About That Love - Khaos 
  • 3. Forgotten Ones - Amyr Heard 
  • 4. Atonement 2 Heal - 13 of Nazareth 
  • 5. Having A Moment - Poettis 
  • 6. Watching My Life Go Down - Leroy Stringer Jr. 
  • 7. Love Of Being - Aqiyl Thomas 
  • 8. I Just Want 2 Live - Eddie Oliver 
  • 9. Poetry Ain't - Second 2 Last 
  • 10. The Scarring Ritual - Ainsley Burrows 
  • 11. Helpless - Malcolm-Jamal Warner 
  • 12. Soundtracks - Charneice Fox 
  • 13. Poet Rock Star - Poetri 
  • 14. Cornfield - Brother Earl 
  • 15. My Priority - Rachel Kann 
  • 16. Red Dirt - Tim'm West  
  • 17. Harmony - Shakespeare Blak 
  • 18. My Prayer - De Jah 

Malcolm-Jamal Warner, Charne ice Fox, 13 of Nazareth, Ainsley Burrows and many more. In addition, it is produced by Charlotte Fox, Al Dale and Charneice Fox.
While this genre may seem new to many, it has been around since the beginning of time and has been regaining Popularity worldwide in a revolution that began in the early nineties. Poetry is now performed, often competitively and quite dramatically, in front of large and enthusiastic audiences in bars and coffeehouses all over the world. With the power of technology, this once hard-to-find, deep underground art form now reaches an audience of ovér 44 million households nationwide three times a week via cable / TV radio.

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