The Williams Brothers

The Williams Brothers

see also Doug Williams, Frank Williams, and Melvin Williams

As gospel groups go, few can equal the Williams Brothers in terms of longevity and popularity.

The trio dates back to 1960, when Leon "Pop" Williams founded the group. It has performed in some of the nation's more famous concert halls including: Madison Square Garden, The Apollo Theatre, The Grand Ole Opry, The Dorothy Chandler Pavilion and The House of Blues.

The group, which includes Melvin Williams, Doug Williams, Henry Green, and members in the back-up band, is still traveling across the country, presenting its distinctive gospel sound to enthusiastic audiences.

Green, who joined the group when he was 18, said the Williams Brothers have placed God first in their efforts for nearly four decades, and have no regrets in doing so. "Down through the years, God has always blessed this group," Green said. "No matter what we do, we put God out in front, and when you put God out in front, there's no limit."

The Williams Brothers have three Grammy Award nominations and numerous Stellar Awards to their credit, the most recent being the Grammy nomination in 2001 for "The Concert" album. This album also won the 2001 Stellar Award. In spite of the Williams Brothers' travels and success, the group continues to make music from its base in Mississippi.

The current Williams Brothers members can trace their own spiritual development to the guidance of their parents years ago, Green said.

"It goes back to our roots, to our mothers and fathers," he said. "We grew up in the South, in the country. Back then, no matter what you did on Saturday night, no matter what movie you saw or how late you stayed out, you had to go to church on Sunday morning. There wasn't any 'I don't want to' or 'I don't like going to church.' You went to church, and not only did you go to church, your parents took you to church. And when you got to church, you acted right."

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