The Truthettes

The Truthettes

The Truthettes were a mother and daughter group that began singing in the early 70s. The late Willie Neal Johnson recognized the talent of The Truthettes and immediately contacted the Gospel Director of Malaco Records, the late Frank Williams. He told Frank that Malaco needed to hear this group as soon as possible because they had great talent. Frank agreed and The Truthettes came to Malaco. Willie Neal was correct on his judgement of The Truthettes, they had incredible talent. Immediately, Malaco began work on their first album "Child's Prayer" which was produced by Frank Williams. Because they were children and being in the recording industry is very overwhelming, Frank had them come to the studio and observe for a week in order to get a feel for how things worked and also to relieve the pressures of recording an album. This advice paid off as their first album was received very well and continues to be a staple throughout the country.

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