Malaco offers hundreds of recordings by legends in the Gospel field.

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Dorothy Norwood
Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Dorothy began singing and touring with her family at the age of eight.
Jae Nixon
Elder Jae Nixon was born and raised in Glen Cove, New York, to Deacon James and Rev. Sally Nixon on November 3, 1956.

North Carolina Community Choir
What started as a one day event, on a Memorial Day, turned into a great choir experience.
The New York Restoration Choir
The New York Restoration Choir made it's debut on a live recording I See A World in September 1989, under the extraordinary direction of Donnie McClurkin, a gifted singer/songwriter and a minister of the gospel.

The Original Messengers
The Original Messengers are the same group that backed the late legendary lead singer Willie Banks with classics such as "God Is Still In Charge.
Bill Pinkney & The Original Drifters
Bill Pinkney has been drifting as a Drifter for 43 years.

Dottie Peoples
She’s been called "the gospel Patti LaBelle," and the latest album and home video from Dottie Peoples shows just why when she sings, there’s not a soul sitting in their seat.

LaShun Pace
La Shun Pace simply sets the tone for gospel achievement.
PERFECTION communicates music by unifying a vintage and soulful charm providing a unique experience that provokes thought, demands action and has an excellence that arouses emotion and sentiment.

The Pilgrim Jubilees
The Pilgrim Jubilees celebrated 47 years for singing with the group's 1997 multi-Stellar-nominated album " Don't Let Nobody Turn You Around".

Darryl Richmond
Darryl Richmond has been on the road playing Gospel Music since his teens.

L. J. Reynolds
Reynolds thought he had it made when he launched his professional career at age five as a member of Ziggy Johnson's High Steppers.
Lou Rawls
From gospel and early R&B to soul and jazz to blues and straight-up pop, Lou Rawls was a consummate master of African-American vocal music whose versatility helped him adapt to the changing musical times over and over again, while always remaining unmistakably himself.

Reverend Cleophus Robinson
While never achieving the commercial success of many of his contemporaries, the Rev. Cleophus Robinson was a prominent figure on the gospel circuit throughout the better part of the postwar era, perhaps best known for hosting a coast-to-coast gospel television series which ran for a quarter century.

Roy & Revelation
Roy and Revelation have been waiting for this moment for quite some time.

The Russells
It is said that out of every tragedy comes triumph - which is just the case in this release.

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