The Sensational Nightingales

Songs To Edify


Whenever The Sensational Nightingales appear, there's always a sign that reads "Standing Room Only." You ask why? The question can be answered with one word, SINCERITY. This classic group lives the life that they sing about and their purity rings through in their music. Never has this held more true than in the release of their album, "Songs To Edify." Read More

Track Listing:
  • 1. Please Send Lazarus
  • 2. Just Hold On
  • 3. I'm Blessed 
  • 4. Going Where Jesus Is
  • 5. My Life Is In God's Hand 
  • 6. Satan You Lose Again
  • 7. Separation Line 
  • 8. Hallelujah To The King
  • 9. You Will Never Find A Friend
  • 10. Goodness, Mercy And Grace
  • 11. Caught Up
  • 12. Give God The Honor

This collection of 12 new songs continues to capture the spirit of the group as well as showcase their vintage harmonies. The goup's newest member, Darrell Luster marks his debut recording with The Nightingales on this release as well as the role of producer of the album.
The Sensational Nightingales have long been ranked as the best of the "golden age" singers as well as "The Gentlemen Of Song." In 1998, they became the first group inducted into the American Gospel Quartet Hall of Fame, recognizing the group as one of the cornerstones of Gospel quartet music. This ceremony fell over 50 years after The Nightingales were founded in 1942, by Barney Parks of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, who had left the famed Dixie Hummingbirds to start his own group.
The Nightingales continued to work small concerts and gain regional fame, when the heart of the group and lifelong member, Joseph "Jo Jo" Wallace joined them in 1946. Their first single "Will You Welcome Me There" was released on Peacock Records in 1947, followed a few years later by their debut album, "Songs Of Praise" also on Peacock. Eventually, the label moved to ABC/Dunhill and the group went on to release over

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