The Sensational Nightingales

Live So God Can Use You


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Track Listing:
  • 1. Live So God Can Use You
  • 2. The Prodigal Son
  • 3. Nicodemus
  • 4. Whosoever Will, May Come
  • 5. Over In Zion
  • 6. His Grace Is Sufficient
  • 7. Standing On The Promise
  • 8. Come Unto Jesus
  • 9. Jesus Is Your Friend

After a half-century of recording, the Sensational Nightingales continue to make music that is relevant and inspiring. Their onstage magic is about much more than music; they are a spiritual presence and their song sessions always begin and end with prayer. Through five decades of making hit music, "The Gales" have remained at the forefront of quartet music and they remain as a favorite of this genre.

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