The Pilgrim Jubilees

Don't Let Nobody Turn You Around


“Don’t Let Nobody Turn You Around” is more than just a title The Pilgrim Jubilees chose for their new release; it is their motto, and has kept them together or nearly five decades. Read More

Track Listing:
  • 1. Life's Evening Sun
  • 2. Safety Of Your Soul
  • 3. Don't Let Nobody Turn You Around
  • 4. God's Been Good To Me
  • 5. Testify For Jesus
  • 6. Don't Let Me Drift Away
  • 7. Don't Let Him Down
  • 8. Rich Man, Poor Man
  • 9. Too Close
  • 10. Lonesome Road

Recorded “LIVE” in Birmingham, Alabama, this project recaptures one of the most brilliant musical careers in all of gospel. Besides the title selection, it includes “Don’t Let Him Down”, Safety Of Your Soul”, “Too Close” and “Rich Man, Poor Man”. Only “The Jubes” can step back in time and make it feel like two steps ahead.

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