The Messengers



The Messengers lost their leader, the late great Willie Banks, but found through God’s guidance that they do have a true voice of their own. Many thought Banks’ death signaled the same for his group. But, in developing and recording “Angels,” it became clear that The Messengers are alive and well – and that there is a power watching over them. Read More

Track Listing:
  • 1. Home Awaiting
  • 2. You Jesus
  • 3. Old Landmark
  • 4. Angels
  • 5. I'll Know Him
  • 6. Never Stop Praising His Name
  • 7. What A Friend
  • 8. We Have TheVictory
  • 9. All My Help
  • 10. I Never Knew
  • 11. Serving The Lord

Indeed, The Messengers have reinvented themselves on “Angels.” In the process of trying to carry on Bank’s style, they discovered their own talents. So under the leadership of producer/songwriter Haran Griffin, they utilized those gifts on this ground breaking album. Griffin, like Banks’ long-famous Messengers quartet, came from gospel’s old school. But he too is reinventing and redefining gospel today and is fast becoming one of its most sought-after producers. Griffin wrote seven of “Angels” 11 cuts and arranged another cut. He is known for producing (with Frank Williams) many early Malaco hits for The Jackson Southernaires, The Angelic Gospel Singers, The Truthettes, and The Soul Stirrers. The revived Messengers are led by veteran members Willie Mitchell and James Williams along with newcomer Charles Blakely. They’re backed by musicians Jackie Heard, Felix Marshall, Greg Flowers and Curtis Thompkins. With God’s guidance, the new Messengers have made a very special delivery.

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