The Jackson Sisters

When God Is In The Building


The word “anointed” has been used so often in Gospel music until it has almost lost it’s
anointing. But when thinking of an adjective to describe The Jackson Sisters, the first and only
word that comes to mind is, anointed. Read More

Track Listing:
  • 1. When God Is In The Building 
  • 2. My Help 
  • 3. My Soul Says Yes 
  • 4. You Touched Me 
  • 5. Come On Let's Praise Him 
  • 6. We Will Rest 
  • 7. Tribute To The Caravans (Lord Keep Me Day By Day, Sweeping Through The City) 
  • 8. Holy Is He 
  • 9. God's In Control 
  • 10. Can't Say Goodbye 

Hailing from Goldsboro, NC; or as the group says — “North Cackalacky”- this closely bonded group
comprised of six sisters and one cousin — Barbara, Marie, Carl Ann, Doris, Pamela, Catrina, and
Catharina — are taking the Gospel industry by storm.

Organized by their late mother Evangelist Bertha Jackson in 1989, the group has traveled the
length and breadth of the United States. From the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, to the
Festival of World Sacred Music in Fez, Morocco, The Jackson Sisters are in demand.

“When God Is In The Building” is their debut release on Malaco Records. Award winning producer
Milton Biggham, who had the privilege of working with the Caravans, the Barrett Sisters, and the
Pace Sisters, was brought in to oversee the production. Together they were able to blend the then
and the now of Gospel music. Be careful when listening to this recording in your vehicle, because
songs like “My Soul Says Yes” and the title cut will cause you to get a speeding ticket.

The unassuming, down-home demeanor of the Jackson Sisters has endeared them to the high and the low, the rich and the poor, those in the church, as well as those outside its door.

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