The Christianaires

The Christianaires

The Christianaires are an award-winning gospel group that has been around for over two successful decades. The quartet was formed by two sets of talented singing brothers, Paul and Tyrone Porter, and their cousins, Arnold and Ronald Brown. There have been changes in the lineup over the years, including the loss of some members and the addition of others, like Charles Porter and George Carter. Through the '90s and into the new millennium, the group recorded a number of albums under labels like Atlanta, A&M, and Marxan Records. Before the Christianaires started a recording career, the group spent long hours touring, performing at churches and conventions, as well as doing concerts and spots on television. In 1990 the Christianaires finally completed its first album, Ain't No Way I Could. A year after the debut hit the store shelves, the group won an Excellence Award for Contemporary Quartet of the Year. The Vision Becomes Clearer was released in 1993. The sophomore offering brought the group a nomination for a Stellar Award for Best Performance. The Christianaires recorded two more albums in 1995, Thru the Storm and Reaching Out. The result was a Vision Award and the chance to perform at the award show, where they impressed both newcomers and peers. The quartet serves up a style of gospel music that mixes the best of traditional along with contemporary flavoring. Some of the songs they have recorded are "At the River," "We Need Jesus," "Angels," "Jesus Is Call," "All He Wants Is Praise," "Let God Fix It," "Lift Up Your Hands," "I Found Life," "The Blood," and "Love Will Make a Way." ~ Charlotte Dillon, All Music Guide

More on The Christianaires:
Quartet singing is firmly rooted in Gospel music and the singers are often family members, which helps to create the tight vocal blend so closely associated with quartet harmony. The Christianaires are just such a group. A Gospel quartet that began with brothers Paul and Tyrone Porter in the late 1970ís, they have made it routine to tour the nation on a continual basis, their bus traveling through cities and towns of all sizes almost every weekend. One can be sure, that as often as they play, they are touching audiences with their heartfelt testimonies and soul-stirring performances.

The Porters grew up in Detroit, Michigan, in a traditional gospel environment, their parents raising them in the church and encouraging them to participate in the church choir and other church activities. Paul led his first group when he was nine years old and for the next eight years, became well known for his versatile style and natural vocal agility. He and brother Tyrone sang in groups together until Paul graduated from high school in 1979.

After school, Paul made the decision to move south to Suntag, Mississippi where other family members lived, opting for a change of pace from the Detroit city scene and stiff competition in the professional music world. Tyrone also decided to make the move to Suntag, beating his brother to it! He met and married a wonderful woman, built a house and settled down, and invited Paul to sing with him once again. At first, Paul considered not singing as he had been performing already for nearly a decade, but he knew within himself that his blessing and gift to share was ministry through music. So, once settled, the brothers joined up with cousins Ronald and Arnold (identical twin brothers) who had previously been singing with an R & B group. Their quartet became the original Christianaires and it was in the little community of Suntag that they carved out a place for their unique rendering of Gospel music.

The group shared a vision of what they wanted to do in Gospel music and without the pressures of the industry that pressed down on them in Detroit, they were free to develop and explore their individual talents, to create the sound and mission of The Christianaires. Paul, who writes and produces much of the material, is not the only writer, brother Tyrone and the other members have contributed to material that finds itís way to the album. They also search for material from other sources, helping them to keep their sound fresh. As for their message, Paul states that the group is out to encourage and lift up all those who hear them. They want people to experience Godís love and mercy and know that the gospel is for everyone. They make it a habit to perform at homes for the elderly and indigent as well as providing food baskets to the needy during the holidays. The Christianaires have hearts of service that exemplify the meaning of their name.

Arnold Brown, who served as tenor of the group, eventually felt led to answer the call to the ministry and was replaced. Current tenor, George Carter, has been with them for the past fourteen years. The group has been signed to a major record label for much of their career, including Malaco, CGI, and currently Marxan Records, which is distributed by Malaco. They have earned critical acclaim for their musical achievements in the form of Vision Awards, Stellar Awards, and other nominations and chart topping hits.

Paul, who was recently blinded in one eye by a blood clot on the brain, which also affected his speech and ability to walk, has experienced the miracle of Godís healing power. With renewed vision (both spiritually and physically) he sings now from the vantage point of one who has been healed and has made a promise to God to share his testimony and proclaim Godís glory to others who need renewed vision and strength. As Paul states, ďWhatever the need is, God forgives, He loves, He saves. As well, my ministry is to encourage people.Ē And that, in a nutshell, is The Christianaires.

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