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In 1952, Albertina Walker and three other members of Robert Anderson’s group formed The Caravans. During the next five years, many fine singers benefited from “Tina’s” tutelage. The careers of James Cleveland, Bessie Griffins, Gloria Griffins, Dorothy Norwood, Cassieta George, Inez Andrews, Shirley Caesar and many others were launched and they went on to become super-stars of Gospel in their own right. Read More

Track Listing:
  • 1. I Won't Be Back  
  • 2. The Blood (It Will Never Lose It's Power)  
  • 3. Remember Me  
  • 4. Your Friend  
  • 5. The Lord Will Provide  
  • 6. Lord Keep Me Day By Day  
  • 7. Mary Don't You Weep  
  • 8. Choose Ye This Day  
  • 9. He Won't Deny Me  
  • 10. You Can't Beat God Giving  
  • 11. No Coward Soldier
  • 12. Seek Ye The Lord
  • 13. I'm Not Tired Yet
  • 14. One Of These Old Days
  • 15. What Will Tomorrow Bring
  • 16. Must Jesus Bear The Cross Alone
  • 17. I'm Willing
  • 18. Come On Jesus
  • 19. To Whom Shall I Turn
  • 20. Hallelujah It's Done
  • 21. The Lord Will Make A Way
  • 22. Make It In
  • 23. Show Some Sign

Albertina was known as the “Starmaker” and the above list attests to her deserved reputation. This exceptional collection of their greatest hits is a fitting tribute to the contribution these outstanding artists have made to Gospel music through the years. These are the greatest hits by one of the greatest groups that ever existed, “The Original Caravans.”

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