I Won't Worry No More


This project was born out of my experiences in the furnace and is dedicated to those who have been or those who may be in the furnace. In this season of "self gratifying religion," I want to let people know that God has not forgotten or forsaken His people. Read More

Track Listing:
  • 1. I Promise  
  • 2. God Never Fails  
  • 3. I Won't Worry No More 
  • 4. With Jesus On My Side  
  • 5. Hide Me  
  • 6. God's Plan  
  • 7. Don't Leave Me  
  • 8. Substitute 
  • 9. It's Worth It  
  • 10. Bad News Good News  
  • 11. The Answer
  • 12. Prayer
  • 13. Lord I Need You
  • 14. Victory
  • 15. With Jesus On My Side - Reprise
  • 16. Thru The Fire

Even when you don't get all of the things some say you can have or things don't work out the way you want, just know that you will be OK with Jesus on your side. You may have to go thru the fire but God will walk with you just like He did with the Hebrew boys. So no matter what the temporary outcome may be, remember that you still have the VICTORY! - Shadrach Robinson

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