Reverend Milton Brunson

If Everybody Was Like Jesus

Track Listing:
  • 1. No Man Is An Island 
  • 2. If Everybody Was Like Jesus 
  • 3. There Is A Fountain (lead vocals Rev. W. Love) 
  • 4. Wings Of A Dove 
  • 5. Pray On My Child (lead vocals Maggie Bell) 
  • 6. I Want To Be Free
  • 7. I've Got A Satisfied Mind (lead vocals Rev. Milton Brunson)
  • 8. You Can't Hurry God (lead vocals Maggie Bell)
  • 9. Child Of The King
  • 10. He's So Good (lead vocals R. Williams, E. Harris, Rev. W. Love)
  • 11. I Met The Lord
  • 12. I'm A Soldier (lead vocals Rev. W. Love)
  • 13. The Holy Ghost Is Here Right Now (lead vocals Rev. Milton Brunson)
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