Reverend John Morris

Reverse The Curse


John Morris’ debut album is produced by Dorothy Norwood. If that’s not ringing endorsement enough, it’s go-produced by Albertina Walker. Moreover, both of the gospel queens, lasting friends and former Caravans are guest artists on “God Reversed The Curse.” Six time Grammy nominee Norwood became Morris’ mentor and friend she met him a years ago at a Stellar Awards ceremony. “He said he had some songs he’d written and he sang them to me and I saw, oh, he can sing, too!” Ms. Norwood recalls. “It just went on from there.” Read More

Track Listing:
  • 1. God Reversed The Curse  
  • 2. God Reversed The Curse (Part II)
  • 3. Well Done
  • 4. Just One Drop
  • 5. Can You Feel The Spirit  
  • 6. He That Believeth  
  • 7. He That Believeth (Part II)
  • 8. I'm So Glad
  • 9. Jesus I Love You
  • 10. Lord Help Us

”God Reversed The Curse,” which was recorded live in Chicago, is the result of an artistic and spiritual collaboration between Morris and Norwood. They wrote or arranged every cut on the album. “It’s a fantastic project. John’s gonna have a big record. You can feel a hit!” Ms. Norwood says of the 11th artist she has produced. Morris brings Norwood’s guest vocals in for the soul-stirring title song. “God Reversed The Curse I think will speak the sentiments of many people. It refers to the scripture in Isaiah (54:17) that says “no weapon formed against thee shall prosper”,” Ms Norwood says. “It speaks of how, when somebody sets a trap for you, God will turn it around and reverse it. Sometimes, it will fall back on the person who intended to inflict the wound. It applies to a lot of everyday situations.” This largely traditional disc is not without its contemporary ventures, including “Lord Help Us” and “Jesus I Love You,” the latter which features Walker in a life-affirming duet with Morris. In good hands, John Morris makes a stunning debut.

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