Reverend Clay Evans

The Collection


Imagine having ten of traditional gospel music’s greatest hits from the past 20 years all on one collection. Well, Rev. Clay Evan’s release on Savoy accomplishes that. Rev. Evans, who is a world renown artist, conference speaker, author, civic leader and Pastor of Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church in Chicago is considered to be one of the “great,” living legends of gospel, as well as one of the revolutionaries who helped give gospel music its enduring edge and appeal. Read More

Track Listing:
  • 1. I'm Blessed
  • 2. I'm Going Through
  • 3. Room At The Cross-At The Cross
  • 4. Have You Got Good Religion  
  • 5. Going To Be With The Lord  
  • 6. What He's Done For Me
  • 7. God Said He Would Heal The Land 
  • 8. Reach Beyond The Break
  • 9. I'm Yours Lord
  • 10. Things Are Going To Work Out Somehow

The unforgettable “I’m Blessed,” “Have You Got Good Religion,” “I’m Going Through,” and the timeless classic, “There’s Room At The Cross,” allows you to revisit some of gospel music’s greatest sermonettes and songs. With its back-to-church, hand clapping, foot-stomping selections, this album embellishes everything that makes the gospel unique and exciting. Rev. Clay Evans incomparable style and rich tonality on this collection compels the listener to reflect and take notice on why we call these songs some of gospel’s “Greatest” hits.

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