Reverend Benjamin Cone Jr.

Sketches Of My Life


Rev. Benjamin Cone Jr. is one of the most poignant and prolific speakers of our time. Spiritual Overseer and featured artist of the undisputed number 1 selling choir Read More

Track Listing:
  • 1. Opening Interlude (Hospital Room) 
  • 2. Sketches Of My Life 
  • 3. Big Penny Spender 
  • 4. Leave That Tree Alone 
  • 5. Interlude (Leaving The Club) 
  • 6. I Need You Lord 
  • 7. Re-Member Me 
  • 8. He Brought Me Out 
  • 9. Christian Tune - Up 
  • 10. Pray In Your Own Way 
  • 11. Pentecost In Tokyo 
  • 12. Mother's Last Prayer 
  • 13. Closing Interlude (Hospital Room) 

in the world, the Mississippi Mass Choir, Rev. cone returns with his 6th solo CD on the Malaco Records label.

Produced and backed by his son's choir and the next generation of Malaco recording artists, "Sketches Of My Life" is a conceptual project that takes you on a journey and is further unique in that it offers the listener the best of both worlds of ministry; he best Gospel music this side of Heaven blended with the most powerful packed "Sermonettes" you'll ever hear.

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