North Carolina Community Choir

A Story To Tell

Track Listing:
  • 1. You've Already Done Enough (feat. Darrell Luster) 
  • 2. All Of My Help (feat. Luther Barnes) 
  • 3. Time After Time (feat. Tami Watkins) 
  • 4. When They Praise (feat. Brain Foster) 
  • 5. Whatever You Need (feat. M. Duval Smith) 
  • 6. I See A Miracle (feat. Brian Foster) 
  • 7. Vengeance Is Mine (feat. Shari Braswell) 
  • 8. You've Got A Story To Tell (feat. Darrell Luster) 
  • 9. Fix It 
  • 10. Let Me Come Home 
  • 11. Thank You Lord For All You've Done (feat. Darrell Luster) 
  • 12. I Heard A Word 
  • 13. In Spite Of (feat. Darrell Luster) 
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