Margaret Allison

Margaret Allison

The Angelic Gospel Singers were organized by Ms. Margaret Allison in 1944, who in addition to being founder, is also manager, booking agent, lead singer and pianist player for the group. She, along with the two other original member, Ella Mae Norris and Lucille Shird, were members of a gospel chorus called The Spiritual Echoes of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As a result of a dream by Ms. Allison, the three of them along with her sister, Josephine McDowell, formed the group known today as The Angelic Gospel Singers.

The group started out singing in and around the Philadelphia area. After a reasonable amount of success there, the group traveled to Asheville, N. C., Ms. Shird's home, and Greenville, South Carolina, Ms. Norris' home. From there, The Angelic's travels became more extensive. In 1947, The Angelics signed with Gotham Records and recorded their first song Touch Me Lord Jesus, which was an instant hit that still lives today. Through the years, The Angelics have worked with such greats as the late Mahalia Jackson, The Mighty Clouds of Joy, The Dixie Hummingbirds, The Soul Stirrers, The Jackson Southernaires, Willie Banks and the Messengers, The Brooklyn Allstars, Slim and the Supreme Angels, The Swanee Quintets, The Danis Sisters, Evangelist Shirley Caesar, The CBS Trumpeters, and The Sensational Nightingales.

Though the task has not been easy, with various changes in personnel, the Angelics have managed to stay together, as a group, singing praises to God for the uplifting of mankind for more than 50 years. The long-standing traditions of The Angelics have created an excellent consistency of being the longest selling female gospel group in history. The Angelics began their career with Gotham Record in 1947, then moved to Nashboro Records in 1955, then finally to Malaco Records in 1983. Their debut album Touch Me Lord Jesus did very well for the group. In 1984, Malaco released an anniversary album on The Angelics commemorating over 50 years of gospel.

The many other albums released on the Malaco label have been written and God inspired that they may be a blessing to each listener, that some part of a song, at least, will reach out to someone who has lost the way and guide them to the feet of Christ our Savior. It is the sincere prayer of The Angelic Gospel Singers that God would richly bless each and every individual who has been a part of keeping their songs alive for over 50 years.

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