Margaret Allison

The Big Question (Where Will You Spend Eternity)


Soft spoken, mild mannered and to the point, Margaret Allison has a gentle yet disarming way of opening doors to gospel music. She can make the tune she just wrote last week sound as warm and familiar as the simple gospels and spirituals we grew up hearing and singing. She is swept up in her music – and, therefore, so are her listeners. With her traditional yet unique manner, she simply makes melodies into classics. Read More

Track Listing:
  • 1. The Big Question
  • 2. I'll Serve Him
  • 3. Leave Them There
  • 4. Salvation Is Free
  • 5. Somewhere To Lay My Head
  • 6. I Want To Go Home
  • 7. Since Jesus Came Into My Heart
  • 8. I Have Something To Pray For
  • 9. God Will Provide
  • 10. Remember Me

As lead singer, Ms. Allison shares that magic with her close-knit group, the famed Angelic Gospel Singers, which includes songbirds Theresa Burton and Darryl Richmond. Inducted into the Gospel Quartet Hall of Fame in 1997, Ms. Allison only seems to gain divine inspiration on this album. The big question: Where Will You Spend Eternity? Ms. Allison composed or arranged seven songs for “The Big Question,” including the comforting “Somewhere to Lay My Head”, the faith-filled “God Will Provide” and the joyful “I’ll Serve Him.” Burton and Richmond each contributed a new song and take the lead vocals on each. Burton’s is the stirring, uptempo “Salvation Is Free” and Richmond’s is “Remember Me,” an inventive new work that only borrows the musical line “Do Lord….do you remember me” from the traditional spiritual.

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