Lonnie Hunter & The Voices of St. Mark

Next Level


In 1989, Lonnie Hunter and The Voices of St. Mark took first place in the Singsation National Gospel Choir competition, an honor which landed them their first album on Arise Records. They signed with Malaco in 1998, and released their acclaimed debut Muscle Shoals Sound Gospel project "Lonnie Hunter & The Voices of St. Mark." Read More

Track Listing:
  • 1. We've Come To Praise Him  
  • 2. Let's Dance  
  • 3. There's Power  
  • 4. God Will Take Care Of You  
  • 5. Get Back Satan  
  • 6. Give It Up
  • 7. Thank You 4 Caring 4 Me
  • 8. I'm In Need Of You
  • 9. Leave Them There
  • 10. You Alone Are Worthy
  • 11. For God So Loved The World
  • 12. Song Of Praise

The choir is back with "Next Level." As the title suggests, the album is an exciting musical progression that takes the group to new heights in the Gospel market. "Next Level" was recorded live at St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church in Harvey, Illinois, with the full 96-voice choir at their very best. Armirris Palmore, who has written many of the hits for Yolanda Adams and Darryl Coley, penned the powerful "You Alone Are Worthy." Like many of today's choirs, Lonnie skillfully blends elements of both the traditional and contemporary to create a sound that is pleasing to both audiences. For the youth-oriented listeners, there is the high energy "Let's Dance," which is reminiscent to the hit "Drip Drop" from the first album. For the Sunday morning traditionalists, Lonnie serves up a red-hot cover version of the Walter Hawkins hit "Power."

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