Lillian Lilly

The Other Part Of Me


Described as a woman whose “talents are exceeded only by her spirit” vocalist Lillian Lilly is an artist whose time has come. As one of the principle soloists for the popular Mississippi Mass Choir (she is one of the founding members), Lillian has already made a huge impact on the gospel world through their recordings. Read More

Track Listing:
  • 1. The Lord Is Great
  • 2. Be Encouraged
  • 3. I Will Give You Rest
  • 4. Sacrifice Of Praise
  • 5. Lord, I Know You Know It's Me
  • 6. Pressing My Way
  • 7. It's Good To Know Jesus
  • 8. The Other Part Of Me
  • 9. You've Been So Good
  • 10. Decision

As the powerful lead voice on the hits “I Just Can’t Tell You”, “Holy City”, “There Is None Like Him” and “It’s Good To Know Jesus”, Lillian Lilly has been a vital force in making the Mississippi Mass Choir what it is today. With a heart as big as her voice, she delivers a rousing collection of songs that glorify the Lord and bless the listener.

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