Lil' Blair & The Fantastic Heirs

Titus “Lil’ Blair” Stallworth was given the nickname “Lil’ Blair” by his mentor Robert Earl Blair, while singing with the famed Fantastic Violinaires. Robert Blair said of his young understudy, “Titus sounded so much like me that it was scary”. After the passing of Robert Blair, Titus felt called to carry on in his mentor’s name. The group would now be called, “Lil’ Blair and the Fantastic Violinaires”. However, several other members of Robert Blair’s group wanted carry on the traditions of the group as well. With two groups, both performing under the name of The Fantastic Violinaires, confusion quickly arose. To remedy this situation while still commemorating the legacy of Robert Blair, Titus, in January of 2009, changed the name of his group to “Lil’ Blair and the Fantastic Heirs”.

Close your eyes and listen, and you’ll agree with Robert Blair’s earlier declaration…it really is “scary” to hear that voice coming from “Lil’ Blair” ...still singing the gospel, and memorializing Robert Blair and The Fantastic Violinaires to a whole new generation.

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