Jesse Williams, Jr. & Destiny

Born to Worship…a phrase that appropriately describes this “Man of Purpose and Destiny…” Being a product of a dynasty of ministries, Jesse's life, whether by personal choice or divine mandate, is devoted to worshipping God and serving humanity with and in a spirit of excellence.

Purpose is the focal point of Jesse’s life, as has been evident since early childhood, by family, friends, instructors, and professional acquaintances. As a youth, in addition to being academically astute, Jessé became familiar with center stage by participating in choruses and theatrical productions, throughout his elementary, junior high, and high school years. Jessé served as Minister of Music for almost fifteen years at the church of his childhood, Greater Adams Street Church of God by Faith in Rochester, New York under the leadership of Senior Pastor, David C. Rourk. Jessé also served as an associate minister and the praise & worship leader.

To further cultivate his call to ministry, Jessé relocated to Tulsa, Oklahoma in January 1995 to attend the AZUSA School of Ministry founded by Bishop Carlton Pearson. Jessé has served in several facets of the ministry and presently serves as Senior Associate Pastor of New Dimensions Worship Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He provides primary management and administration to all departments including Youth, Children, Nursery, Member Care, Event Coordination, Family Life Enrichment, Purity with Purpose, and all ministry related factions. Jessé also serves as communications coordinator for church membership and covenant partners of the ministry worldwide. Other responsibilities include serving as liaison with other community ministers, ministries, and ministry organizations both locally and nationally, and serving on several boards and committees in Tulsa. He is the vice president of the organization, board member, and a corporate officer. In addition, Jessé is an author, singer and songwriter, life coach, and a ministry development and enhancement consultant.

As a musician in his own right, during the past twenty years, Jesse has performed with many celebrated artists including the late Thomas Whitfield, Edwin Hawkins, Bishop Walter Hawkins, The Winans, Dorothy Norwood, Bishop Carlton Pearson, Richard Smallwood, Dorinda Clark-Cole, Pastor Shirley Caesar, Rev. Daryl Coley, The Williams Brothers, Yolanda Adams, The Williams Family, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Michael Bolton, George Michael, Wayman Tisdale, and the list goes on. Jesse’s gifts packaged in passion for ministry and compassion for people have taken him across the United States and abroad.

Jesse’s primary interest is “living the best life possible, by pursuing purpose and attaining destiny, while equipping others to do the same.” Purpose is his passion and drive for life. He advocates the fact that it is not the gifts we have but, more importantly, the gifts we are in the universe that help us to live and thrive as human beings and not just human doings.

He has an affable and almost infectious personality and presence that literally draws you in along with intelligent wit and sharpness coupled with sincerity and sensitivity that makes you want to remain somewhere in the atmosphere he helps to create. With Jesse’s insightful leadership, everyone feels valued, valuable, and invaluable. Jessé also has his finger on the pulse of worship—empowering and enabling others to access, enter, and have free flow both in and with the very presence of God. Representing a new breed of worshippers for the 21st century, Jessé is helping to redefine and re-present perfecting worship—a life-transforming, mind-altering experience second to none.

To remain effective and efficient, he enjoys keeping up with current events around the world while remaining socially active within the community, appropriately observing and intuitively responding to real life issues, with sensitivity and sensibility. “I want to help anyone and everyone within my sphere of influence to have a better life, by inspiring, motivating, encouraging, and in some cases even provoking them to live, to laugh, and to love without reservation or hesitation. The greatest success in life and hereafter will be to know that I pleased Him by serving others in love.” Jessé is preparing to increase his effectiveness by pursuing a Master of Arts and Ministry degree at Phillips Theological Seminary in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Believing that timing is essential for successful and purposeful living, Jessé is an emerging voice and visionary for 21st Century relativity and relevance—a treasure to be exposed, expressed, and experienced. Jessé believes that we who are awakened and enlightened by God’s love are not just shifting the paradigm, but literally are the paradigm shift. He states, “This is the true measure of a man…one who lives his life to the fullest, causing countless others to do the same. Learning to really love our neighbors as we love ourselves, together, in symphonic synergy, we can make a difference in this world, while making the world different—a better place for generations to come. Those who may be critical of my mission and ministry at this pivotal juncture of 21st century Kingdom advancement simply do not understand the higher purpose to which I have been called. Therefore, their scorn does not affect my attitude or action. I forgive their lack of vision and forge ahead. I now know that criticism is part of the price paid for leaping past mediocrity.”

Jessé Williams, Jr. ... “Adding a new and refreshing dimension to self-awareness and Kingdom-consciousness,
while awakening a generation to purpose and purposeful living!”

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