Malaco offers hundreds of recordings by legends in the Gospel field.

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Albertina Walker
Born the youngest of nine children on August 29, 1929 in Chicago, IL, Albertina Walker grew up on the south side and started singing as a child at Westpoint Baptist Church.
BeBe and CeCe Winans
25 years after they first started making music together, brother/sister duo BeBe & CeCe Winans, part of the gospel singing Winans family and one of the most successful gospel-based acts of all time, are joining forces again for their first new music and tours in over a decade.

Bryan Wilson
The anticipation of Bryan's arrival to the music spectrum can be closely compared to that of another young musical prodigy of a few years back; Tevin Campbell.
Frank Williams
see also Doug Williams, Melvin Williams, and The Williams Brothers

Jesse Williams, Jr. & Destiny
Born to Worship…a phrase that appropriately describes this “Man of Purpose and Destiny…” Being a product of a dynasty of ministries, Jesse's life, whether by personal choice or divine mandate, is devoted to worshipping God and serving humanity with and in a spirit of excellence.

Lee Williams & The Spiritual QC's
For more than three decades, Lee Williams & the Spiritual QC'S made music for little but love-love of the Gospel message, memorable melodies, sweet harmony and a beat that just refused to let feet sit still.
Marlene Watson
A new songwriter for a new century has emerged.

Michael & Regina Winans
The Winans were pioneers in the field of contemporary gospel, updating the sound and style of traditional black gospel vocal groups for the urban contemporary age.
Reverend Timothy Wright
Reverend Timothy Wright is no stranger to gospel music- in fact; he has become an anchor for gospel choirs across the country.

The Williams Brothers
see also Doug Williams, Frank Williams, and Melvin Williams

Tony Warren
Tony has long been a fixture on the LA studio scene, having loaned his voice as a background singer to such notables as Gladys Knight, Aaron Neville, Patti LaBelle, Jennifer Holliday, George Michael, and others.

Youth For Christ
If the success of their predecessor, the world-renown Georgia Mass Choir, is any indication of things to come, then the Georgia Mass Choir's newly launched youth edition, "Youth For Christ," is no doubt, a star in the making.

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