Gerald Hinton and The New Redeemers

Gerald Hinton and The New Redeemers

Gerald Hinton: The Man
Gerald started singing at six years old at S. Mary's Freewill Baptist Church in Apex, NC. He first sang with Howard Thomas and the Pearly Gates when he was 12. They sang live on the radio for three or four years with no instruments, with Hinton acting as the lead singer. Whereever they went, a collection was taken up for the "Little Boy."

Hinton went on to play with an R&B band in high school in the late seventies and traveled the east coast. After experiencing theatre in high school, he attended Shaw University and majored in Drama with a minor in music.

One of the highlights in Hinton's early years is when he was asked to perform with the North Carolina Theatre. LIttle did he know that playing the part of Brer Rabbit in "New Song in the South" would take him to perform in front of Vice President Walter Mondale at the Jefferson Jackson Day for Democrats celebration.

In 2001, Hinton formed Davin Records, teaming with Studio 25 Records

For those struggling to find a gospel artist who's not too traditional, not too contemporary, but somewhere in the middle, Gerald Hinton is the one. He was born in 1954 in the small town of Apex, NC. Hinton is one out of eight children and the only boy out of three that is able to hear and talk. He is the only child to pursue a career in the music industry and enjoys the support of his large, loving family.

At the age of six, Hinton began singing with tihe church choir at St. Mary's Free Will Baptist Church in apex, NC. Though he grew up listening predominantly to traditional gospel music, his style veered from that path. His career began at the age of thirteen when he went on the road with Howard Thomas and the Pearly Gates. His musical tastes and abilities crossed over into R & B and at age seventeen, he goined and R&B group called The lIberators. After that , he conducted several choirs in the Apex area and attended Shaw University, where he majored in drama and minored in music.

In the early eighties, Hinton began singing iwth Johnny Holloway and The Gospel Jubilees, which led him to the creation of his current group, Gerald Hinton and The New Redeemers. They have produced two albums prior to thier current album, "Connected." In the mid-eighties, two projects were released, "From Way Back" and "Groom Me." The album "Groom Me" produced the hit "It's Me, O Lord," which has aired on BET, the Word Network, the Dream Network and other national and local television outlets. In fact, it is the only local video to reach number one on MBC's Top Gospel Countdown.

Hinton has worked with many legendaries such as The Gospel Southernaires, Shirley Caesar, Lee Williams and the Spiritual QCs, John P. Kee, The Mighty Clouds of Joy, Willie Neal and The Gospel Key Notes, and The Canton Spriituals. He has also collaborated with producers Willie HIlle, Craid Wollard, leader singer of the Embers, and Denver Wright.

Recently, Gerald has completed his latest CD entitled, "You Don't Know How Blessed You Are." It was originally entitle, "He I Owe" and was intended as a solo project, however, after his successful and stellar "connection" with music producer denver Wright, it seemed only appropriate to include the entire group. Denver Wright created the track "Connected" specifically for this CD. "You Don't Know How Blessed You Are" is a collection of works that can stir up movements of the libms, praises from the heart, and great thoguts from the mind. Hinton brings forth his message of ministry by delivering songs such as the title track, "You Don't Know How Blessed You Are," a mid-tempo groove that motivates one to count their blessings and "He I Owe," a haunting track that mimics thte childhood osn, "Old McDonald." Hinton's style is such an incredible blend of traditional and contemporary, it warrants attnetion from all audiences. It is evident God's plan and itming for him are at the forefront.

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