Dr. Jonathan Greer

Dr. Jonathan Greer, II has been a minister of the gospel since the age of nine. Prior to answering the call to the minsitry of God's word, he found himself at the side of his father Bishop Jonathan Greer, Sr. of Chicago, Illinois. It was from these formative years that his musical gifts became evident and Dr. Greer began his musical career as an organist and choir director. A few years later he began his recording career as a solo organist with Nasboro Records.

As the Lord so ordained, Dr. Greer was called to the office of pastor, first in Nasville and later to Atlanta, Georgia at Cathederal of Faith.

After approximately twelve years of totally devoting his energies to the Atlanta pastorate and building a dynamic ministry recognized across America and aboroad, Dr. Greer returned to the recording field, this time with Savoy Records. With long time gospel artist Rev, Milton Biggham serving as producer, The Choirs of Cahtederal, directed by Maurice Culpepper, gospel choir director, jointly recorded the Stellar Award winning album "He's Worthy". The titled selection was written by the late John Askew formally of Denver, Colorado. This selection became an immediate hit and swept the country as one of hte outstanding contemporary gospel contributions of the year. The album was also nominated for a Grammy.

The recording choir presently is made up of members of The Gospel Choir, forty talented individuals that travel across the country representing Cathederal of Faith. All are members of Dr. Greer's five thousand plus membership.

In 1992 Dr. Greer and the choir embarked upon another recording project out of which the present work "Just Jesus"developed. Dr. Greer humbly acknowledges God in all that he does and concentrates his energies and teachings in promoting the redemptive powers of salvation. Simply stated, the essence of the gospel of encouragement and hope preached and sung by Dr. Jonathan Greer and The Cathederal of Faith Recording Choir is, Just Jesus

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